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Hey All !!!

Times are pretty crappy πŸ˜‰ aren’t they . So we have decided to start this particular post where all of you can make comments. Post your reviews, Views, suggestions and stuff here over whatever issues you have. ( still in BETA TESTING atm ).

If Anyone feels that they can help us out in improving our services by any means, then DO POSTΒ  with your genuine Email id ( which will be visible only to the STAFF)

Please make sure that YOU DONT SPAM OFF this opportunity, Be responssible while you post.



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@woof…I’ve tried dropbox, it has limitations and it can still be monitored. I have seen that there will be a new Yahoo messenger out,however, it is geared up for Vista but the good thing about it is you can transfer 1Gb files to others.
There is a new problem now especially in the uk, some of the ISPs lost their fight about not monitoring their customers usage. Thanks to the bloody EuroMPs. Obviously, this monitoring won’t start straight away because software has to be created etc. So, I can see my FTP and encodes disappearing by next yr lol Annoying as it is. The MPAA are indeed cowboys and rip everyone off including those they are supposed to be looking out for.
Funny thing, Murdock backing all this stuff and yet he was happy for his newspaper to phone tap private phones…one rule for one and one rule for all the rest. Its complete madness. Even a lot of the artists have spoken out against whats happening, which says it all really.
Thanks for the update on MF scOrp, if thats the case then it really isn’t worth uploading to them.


Hey guys. i always download your encodes when available. I was just wondering if you could add jumbofiles as a filehost?. Its just as good as mediafire and isn’t deleting bunches of files like mediafire. do please consider it. thanks. keep up the good work.


MPAA going after all cyberlockers so it’s best to think of another channel. Torrents also getting a close scrutiny, not to mention the voluntary closure of BTJunkie.

Either develop a new comms protocol or make use of Dropbox?

Getting really pissed off with MPAA. They are the real pirates, charging consumers an arm and a leg for their movies


Hi scOrp,
I was wondering about these movies:
Underworld: Awakening
The Grey
Aren’t there better copies than RC issued or not yet?
If i’m not wrong i think RC isn’t the better copy for BluRay, or what do you think! & is it 85 min is the full time or 88 min for Underworld as IMDB says 88 min not 85 min…!
Can you enlighten me about the last copies for these movies… πŸ™‚

Best Regards πŸ™‚


Very great effort no doubt, i visit here regularly, whenever i need any good movie with great resolution, i come here and advice others too.. I guess Ads are now necessary to keep up the expenses, as long as they are not malicious. My request is to post more Hollywood movies, more regularly i mean.. otherwise, you guys are doing a marvelous job!


Its a great site…

– You can bluntly ask those who have issues with the advertisements to stop using this website. Such thankless individuals are not required. if they can wait for 2-3 hrs to download a movie why not 8-10 seconds for the website to load. It is not as if they are going to lose a better part of their life.

– A link required where we can send our finds on the internet (new/old movies etc). This would reduce your work. This could actually be kept side by side of the Request link.

– Go for the ADs again. Your hardwork should get rewarded.


awesome job again with the darkest hour scOrp,love u bro
a lil doubt bro,u have uploaded new years eve now,can u please tell me whats the source,is it UNVEIL or RSG….and respect to the whole 300mbunited team,u guys r great


I’m so glad you guys are back. My life was incomplete without your releases.


scOrp with reference to your 180 comment…you forget, some people want something for nothing. Nevermind, thinking about how time consuming it is to re-encode, the software used, uploading times, making sure the links don’t die, storage for backups when the links do die etc.
Some people are just spoilt brats, who don’t actually appreciate what others do, in order for them to get something free.


Hi again

thank u to fix it (download links ) , everything is fine good luck


first I got thank u guys for great work .

I dont understand all the complain poeple refering to because I did not have any problem even with adds while my bandwich is not great ,

but it seems download links not working not because of add simply http://ld.rtify.com/ is down . pls if there is any way to fix it asap.

I can not download anything during month because of data usage charge, but it,s free 2,3 days end of the month I wanted to download war horse , girl with dragon tatto, iron lady , Descendants, extremely loud ,…. lol I hope it fixed before end of the month .
good luck


When complainers are 1 among 100, there are no complainers πŸ™‚
Furthermore, it’s hard to understand your needs, so if you need it, then do it… People will understand, and if they don’t, they’ll leave, but I don’t think your popularity will decrease with just an ad.
Anyway, thank you scOrp, and thank you the 300mbunited team !


Dudes, don’t apologize for the 8 second ad delay! Anyone who complains about an 8 second delay for a free quality download should just not be here. Full stop!

Thanks for all the awesome content!


hey 300mbunited team! thanks for all encoded, great work πŸ˜€
can I ask you if you can encode ultra music festival 2012?


Hi there Everyone….n movie lovers!!
I have to say now what a great encodes u do, SCorp n team. Ur rips are legendary & almost flawless on quality for such good sizes. Thanks a lot for providing such great rips n i am an exclusive fan of your rips n U actually rock!!
But it was only great till filesonic existed. cant download movies anymore from your site due my limited bandwidth n non-availability of mirrored file hosts.
I also do understand that some mirrored host deleting files daily from there servers so its difficult to keep up with them.

I really hope n request you to add mirrored file host Like Mediafire or Uploading.com so that me and few like us who cant afford good speeds from our isp’s can watch your rips. Rest you are doing great.


MBU team….I agree with the idea of adding MF to the selection of links but keep ones like RS. I seriously don’t agree with some of the suggestions to go torrent, for those that don’t know or understand your IP is actually logged when you use torrents making it easy to track you. Yes yes I hear you say, use a proxy blah blah…a proxy will actually slow your connection down and bearing in mind it wasn’t very long ago that a couple of the torrent sites were hit with “viruses”….and you still want MBU to have torrent??? You jest, surely. I wouldn’t go near torrent sites with a ten foot barge pole πŸ™‚
MBU – you do a great job with the movies, small file size means less bandwidth used for those with limitations. I applaud that greatly. Oh and zippyshare is good too, however, with all filehosts to be able to upload respectably, it means getting premium, and really at the end of the day, warez was supposed to be a FREE sharing idea. Obviously, some like yourselves need to make enough to cover things like upto date software for the encoding, and fixes to audio and visual so that can’t be taken away from you.
Keep going the way you are, thats what I say.


REQUEST to scOrp for this source: Shakespeare.In.Love.1998.720p.BluRay.x264-SiNNERS
thanks πŸ™‚


300mbunited is awesome! great work! can i request for this one tp scOrp SHOOT ‘EM UP (2007) from this source: Shoot Em Up 2007 720p BluRay DTS x264-ESiR πŸ™‚ thanks before…


First of all, thanks for awesome quality movies guys. From video, audio and even subtitle.
To be honest I don’t know at all about you guys, but after I saw The Negotiator (given by my brother) its so freaking awesome quality both video and audio, even the subtitle style playing nice with my font of choice.
I don’t care where I must download (rs, df, etc) all of your releases as long as I know that I can still download your release.

Good Luck and Thanks !


Hello! Thankyou for uploading so many movies, you have really helped me a lot. You provide so many links to upload, but can I ask you to always give us the ifile.it links to download? It works much better for me, or maybe you can use the mediafire one, thanks! πŸ™‚



pls can u upload links of MTV PUNK’D season 09 EP1


Can you upload you encodes to other filehosts? the filehosts you use is very crappy and time consuming for free users to download….. jumbofiles and mediafire are the best options for free users..


I have a petition in advance. I used to download my tv shows from a site that isn’t currently running (I don’t know why).
You do a very good rips of some tv shows but they came a several days later than when first aired.
I ask you if you will do us the favor of ripping Game of Thrones S2 immediately after airing (or some time in the next day)… It’s premiere is on April 1st.
Thank you.
P.S.: I’m only interested in GoT and Mad Men.


I will continue uploading TV SERIES like How I Met Your Mother and others this week πŸ™‚ So stay tuned ~


welcome back sUN πŸ˜€
and awesome rip of the iron lady scOrp…….thanks a lot


Please consider using HJSplit to split your releases, to avoid corrupt/error compression file.


Thankyou for all the hard work and effort you put into the releases you guys are the best!

The amount of sites and host that are being shut down at the moment is enormous glad your site is still running


No harm done, you are/were a dick. It’s ok though, sometimes taking the Internet so seriously does not do you any good πŸ˜‰

Dee Herrera

Thank you very much for all ur great movie. Plz consider mediafire links. MORE POWER!


I have to say though, I’m extremely jealous of what scorp does. That’s kind of really the reason I consistently flame him and his project; I don’t really have a life outside of stalking and flaming scorp, so I find it appealing to do what I’ve done in the past. While I don’t think I will be able to stop, you CAN most definitely prove me wrong time and again and show me just how much of a dick I am.


I completely understand everything you have mentioned and I would like to say that I am very sorry for having misjudged scorp and his hardwork. I will shut the fuck up now and not comment on this blog anymore. My sincerest apologies.


Thanks for the great rips!

Please PLEASE keep using Rapidshare!!! Best, most reliable host. All host kill links when they receive complaints….we just have to accept that in these times, but after all these years, rapidshare is still kicking!


amassing job u guys do. i newer watch anything other then 300mbunited release. even if i have to wait few days its no problem. nothing beats your filesize/quality. love u guys. please dont give up.
consider using torrents in future


hi, why don’t you rip sherlock holmes : a game of shadows?


why are you guys not uploading how i met your mother and two and a half men current season after episode 13