About us

Welcome to the 300MBUNiTED arena :).

The 300mbunited is the oldest group encoding the small sized 720p, 1080p movies & Tv Shows with x264, x265 (now mostly x265 TBh) compression standards, since 2008.

Since day one our aim has been two fold
1.. A hangout with no adverts, no crap , utterly simple to navigate and search… ( hence you’ll find our site to be without any crap , simple plane enjoyable no nonsense interface 😀 )
2.. To deliver HIGHEST possible quality @ smallest possible size ( although small sized encoding is actually a flawed concept , but we try our best 🙂 ).

Our team has had encoders from all over the globe in the past. At this moment scOrp, the site and team admin is taking forward The 300MBUNiTED.
Ero and iCreations are other members of the Team who are helping with coding and graphics respectively


In the beginning we started by re encoding SD ( standard definition ) , DvDrips, R5 , r2 and screeners in and around the size of 300MB, But as the 720p became the norm we moved to 720p HD encoding and since last couple of years ( edition done in June 2022) the rips being done by scOrp are usually FHD aka 1080p ones.
So the time of 480p smaller resolution 300MB rips has definitely gone, ( which our url still reflects though ;P )

and now the 720p gradually getting obsolete owing to affordable FHD TVs and other viewing equipment and x265 HEVC being widely supported most of the encodes now are x265 based 1080p .


We have been trying our best to provide high quality rips in a timely manner for the entertainment of our fans. Keep supporting us by whatever way you can and especially donations, it has become very important now more than ever


Regards 300MBUNiTED TEAM


Last updated on : June 18th 2022

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