Announcement : We’ll be shutting our operations soon : PLz Note

All good/great (especially the warez-y) things come to an end..
We are finding it increasingly difficult to continue our operations.
There are far too many variables which warrant a lot of financial input.
On top its getting difficult day by day to devote time to the venture with respect to REAL LIFE.
Hence we have decided to shut shop for good now.
A proper date will be announced soon after a discussion with all stakeholders.

Thanks for the kind support guys

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Man, first Zippy and Now 300mbunited, this year keeps getting worse as time passes by, thanks for the over the years entertainment at a low file size without compromising the quality @scOrp, much respect for the arduous work M8!

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frozen boy

so where we can find a really really similar site for updating new movies like scorp bro?


The first time I knew about scOrp re-encodes was back in 2011, I stumbled upon Warez-BB and lo and behold there was scOrp movies, the concept of sharing was and is still the best. Free and Fast FileLockers was the thing back then with so many options. The “playing field” has been evolving over the years. Being based somewhere in Africa my go-to place was this site. I remember the incredible team including roNy, sUN and off course scOrp. It’s been and honor indeed.

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It is with a heavy heart I am saying goodbye and a really big thank you for all your efforts, dear Scorp. You have brought a great many interesting movies to our attention, and your work can only be appreciated so very much. Too sad, though, that support was too weak and too few people openly appreciated your service (although I am sure secretly all people out there appreciated it very much). As a tiny goodbye gift I have just used your link to get a new NF account. I hope they’ll let you have your share.
Take good care of yourself now, Scorp, enjoy the real world out there and keep enjoying some of its better movies, too. πŸ˜‰


you did really good man, thanks for the effort and for the time for the past 11 years since i been here.


Thank you sc0rp for all your efforts. Wish you all the best for the future. May you receive as much joy as you gave to this community.

Greets, Ersin.


Ah! This is heartbreaking news. Just as I purchased Rapidgator premium to download your links, this comes, nothing short of a tragedy. What can I say, I’m just shaking my head in disbelief. First RARBG and now you, lights going out one by one. Will there be a place to cope with it ? I don’t think so. Your x265 encodes were top notch, I’m unsure if there’ll be anything ever to beat them.

As parting words, I would like to express my gratitude to you for doing this for us for so long and I wish you success and best of luck in your life ahead.

Thank you for everything scOrp, you will be sorely missed and will always stay in my heart.


Thanks @scorp for everything


it is sad to shut down a good site. To have ppl supporting is hard esp financially. you should use your own budget do this small as hobby.
and despite ppl asking… stop uploading old movies, multiple version to keep your operation down. We dont need 4K etc. FHD is enough! just a once seen then delete movie.


I’m sorry to hear this has been a challenging moment for you. This is so sad. I’ve followed you since warez-bb time. However, I genuinely wish you all the best in your future endeavors. May you find renewed joy and success in your path ahead.


Thank you for your service @scOrp, it has been a honor!


Sorry to hear that scOrp ;(
Wish you all the best.
Thank you for over a decade of good work that you have been doing.


That’s the saddest news I’ve heard of this year. We’ve done so much to keep this site afloat but it’s not enough πŸ™
We would like to thank you Scorp for all your hard work all these years and we really wish you all the best in your future!!