Post your opinion regarding rar password & Link access password

As you guys must have noticed since past couple of months we are not adding any password to the rarset and no password is required to access the Nitoflare or rapidgator links..
We have been advised to bring both the things back just for the sake of more protection from leechers and to maintain the security of the files..
When put it like that, we also feel its better to be safe ..
what do you guys think..

To clear this try and access these two links and figure out yourself..
Unprotected password free link
Protected link with rar password as well as access password
should we bring back both the things ?
post your views in comments section


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Should we bring rar password protection and secure link access protection back

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I prefer link password only, without rar password


Apart from links being scraped and taken down on DMCA, I see no point in putting files in password protected archives. Thieves can’t steal links as the file name as well as watermark in the videos itself point right to the original site.

I think links passwords should be enough to protect from DMCA


Hi, Since you are opening that door and I already answered the poll, I was never able to find where it is hidden so, I would really like if you could do away with the watermark.


Hi, sorry if I was not clear, I meant I was looking for a way to remove it, I know it appears and disappears at the beginning. 😉


Again, it appears I was not clear, I meant the old one that appeared like subtitles, not the new cute one that had me getting out of my chair so I could read it. 🙂
You can definitely keep the little one.

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you’ll have to remind me where to send




I actually don’t mind the “branding” mark(s) on my videos. Reminds me to renew my RG membership through your links. The DL link(s) password/ archive password I have memorized from the years I have been coming here (although I’ve noticed that the link and archive password seems to be non-existent on RG downloads, which I love by the way). I just wish I was rich and could afford to do more than renew my RG subscription through the provided links. I have on occasion donated through PP but, as I live on a “limited” income, I have resorted to trying to give back by renewing through 300MBUnited RG links.
Thank you for providing top quality releases of WDL and RIP movies, even the HDTS releases from you are above par.