So few downloads :O ??? :( :( :( :(

You guys must have noticed that I am working my ass off since past several weeks to provide top rated classics and newer films .. just by chance today I noticed the numbers of downloads of these files, and I was so disappointed and surprised to see all downloads in single digits only …
Who the hell I am working for ??? Why am I even bothering really 🙁

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I won’t download anything above 2 GB. That’s too much for ppl who have limited internet access. Plz keep them under 2GB or 720p h265 and not 10180p. Thanks!


Hi, I don’t download this previous months due to covid by the way my choice of movies are all cartoons and monsters for my kids. All with zombie theme for my wife. For me are modern and classic war(hack and slash).


Hi scOrp, as you already know, I am a fan of 720p h265. “tonyb” said that people are not fans of Classics and I tend to agree, and it is a sign of changing times and a confirmation of mass media consumption. Also, because you asked elsewhere, I or my settings, downmix everything to stereo for reasons I will not get into here. I love the idea of having an IMDB Top 250 list, even if that list changes daily. I currently have 130 titles of that list. These titles are of the best quality I could find at the time. Except for top 250 type lists, I doubt that people replace a title with a better version if they have already seen it. That may be another part or the low download numbers. Lastly, I think you may be working too hard, some of the title you have worked on don’t have a 6.0 or above rating and that is one of my criteria to consider a download, of course I too make exceptions but you get the gist. Thank you and that was my 2 cents.


Hi scOrp!

First thank you for the great, great work!!!

I downloaded almost every movie you uploaded since 2011 since I jumped to mkv except some really, really bad movies and cartoons and some sleazy propaganda movies.

I have at least 2500 of your encodings.


And I still have all of them. I even rescued the data of a damaged drive.

I’m still a lover of x264. I have the hardware for x265 . 🙂

But even if the picture is clearer, I don’t like the colours. They are too cold. For example I compared few minutes ago your Gladiator upload to one from another site.

So I still stick to x264 and I hope that you’ll still upload the 720p-s in it.

Regarding the low number of downloads, I think that partly the problem is because of covid.
The other thing is that you upload too many wdl-s, and after a month you upload the retail version. I think a lot of people are waiting for the retail so they don’t need to download the movies twice. I download them both and delete the wdl after downloading the retail. 🙂

I don’t think that so many are downloading from other sites. There aren’t so many good sites with this quality of rip, where to dl links aren0t deleted, and the amount of releases. And especially you don’t have trojans and other shit which could block opening your site.

I don’t think that the people are so into downloading 4k. Often it’s not necessary. It’s not that there’s a blockbuster every week.

And I think it’s great that you started to reup some older movies and blockbusters.

Also if you need some older of your uploads like The Hobbit movies, please let me know.

Carl Comet

Aloha Scorp,
I can only speak for myself in this matter, but I think we should all be grateful to you, because you are doing a great job!
When it comes to movies I am a bit of a chooser, not a hoarder. Primarily I am fascinated with everything sci-fi, horror, fantasy and epic. Arthouse and movie classics are also of interest (for example North by Northwest and Vertigo I count among my all-time favourites, comparable to Citizen Kane, Metropolis, Nosferatu or Caligari).
So it’s basically a question of tastes where folks go.
Standard thrillers, spy movies or romantic comedies and love stories I usually completely ignore.
Yet the genre might become irrelevant, if there is a great director and a great cast at work. Take the Tarantino-thrillers for example: I don’t like the genre but I love the movies! 🙂
Sometimes even a crappy movie can provide huge fun, for example films like The Meg or Deep Blue Sea.
Other movies are criminally underrated like Starship Troopers or the original Robocop. Critics were harsh, audiences often stayed away, but these Verhoeven films have more to say than people would admit.
Also there is the question of time and life in general. There are times when I feel like I need a higher dose of movie watching, and then there are times when my interests are somewhere else … which may result in some coming and going and coming back …
Anyway, your efforts are highly appreciated – and the codecs are with you, always 😉

Carl Comet

I know that feeling you had with Ghost Writer … it happened to me when I was watching The Twilight Zone Movie. I had it on VHS tape once and completely forgot it since you brought it back to my attention.
And I was surprised how well these little stories were directed. Of course with Dante and Spielberg at the steering wheel it does not come as a surprise generally speaking. But how could I only forget about the effective direction and the fun this movie makes!? 😉
The Grand Budapest Hotel is a truly superb movie, indeed! I’d call that highly entertaining arthouse with exceptional style 🙂

In general I often remember one episode from Start Trex TNG, in which there was a people who had the telling of stories as a valid currency. That idea really has a big appeal to all of us who love the movies and have developed some kind of addiction … good stories are conveying important ideas, they teach us, we grow up with them and develop further … and great cinema is only ever possible with great stories … 😉

Jim King

I for one appreciate your work on these movies. I think though that this current pandemic has changed people’s priorities. I know it has changed my own priorities as I have lost 2 family members to this disease/pandemic. Please don’t give up, your work gives me hope that things will return to normal in the near future and that I can still find high quality releases from a very trusted source. Please don’t let the nay-Sayers stop you from helping all of us enjoy your work.



i suspect that a lot of the users, sadly are not into classics, and only want to watch the latest movies. as an avid collector and hoarder of movies, i come across this during movie nights where guests only want to watch the latest and greatest special effects.

I’m sorry about this


You were a great site, but you vanished and didn’t upload for months and months, so I think people found other sites, also, most people dont want 264 anymore man..

265 and upto 4k….otherwise, I think you might as well give up and let the other sites do it.


I apologize and stand completely corrected, my RSS has only been following films, and having looked over the site I see you have been posting alot, so I am sorry if I offended you, I was wrong.

Though, I would much prefer 265 rips over 264…


265 has been around for years, people should be using it and most devices can play now so users shouldn’t see much of a difference.

I also don’t really hoard, unless it’s stuff I really want, and alot of your recent stuff has been reuploads and some older stuff…

When I need to renew rg next, I’ll do via your link.