Guys if anyone is planning to donate then plz do asap , Buy some fresh uploaded accounts if possible

it has been utterly quiet at the uploaded accounts front since last many weeks
your donations keep our operations on track

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have you consider just putting more ads on your site?

Many other sites don’t need to ask for donations or buy affiliated links.

They just have lots of ads



Have you considered adding more ads on this site?

Also why not ad a meter money goal, so ppl can see how much more is needed per Wikipedia donations.

Also look at cheaper hosters?

If this site is too expensive..just get rid of it..
Just put all your stuff on forums..
At least you won’t have hosting costs.



I don’t know what is happening with the uploaders POV with regards to UL/RG.

As I said when it happens then it happens.
And more popular hoster/s will be determined by the scene.
then ppl will get that.

And since we don’t know which hoster will be popular,
telling ppl to get one of these unpopular/unknown hoster
will not do anything.
Since ppl want to maximize their dollar, they will not buy it just for this one site.

They will get their stuff elsewhere.

Also you should read my previous comment.
Ppl are not getting a single UL/RG or whatever hoster account as much nowadays due to what happen with the crackdown last time.

Let’s look at what happens with your suggestion.

Ppl got premium account with RG/UL will not be able to use it on this site and will just go to other sources
And if they bought it from a affiliated link here, they will be pissed.

Ppl who did not buy the affiliated link account will not gonna buy an even more unpopular/unknown hoster…

So I suggest let’s just wait till the scene determines what is popular hoster before telling ppl to buy a certain hoster.


Lately, RG and UL have both been doublecrossing their uploaders by not counting legitimate sales and rebills and by rigging download statistics. When that happens, it means they’ve had their fill and they’re getting ready to jump ship. It’s part of a file host’s life cycle, if you will.
So why should scorp stick with them to the bitter end if it doesn’t even help him break even? Just because he MAY stop using your file hosts of choice? That’s one selfish way of looking at things you’ve got there, John.
I do second your bitcoin donation motion, though. Scorp might want to look into that as well.



I don’t where u are getting your source that RG/UL will be going.
(Give us a link of your source)

but if it does happen, then ppl will move to a more popular hoster
(whichever that will be) will be eventually be determined by the scene..

But for now, it should be kept for RG and UL.
Since many still got premium accounts with them and many other scenes still using them.

Your suggestion will not solve anything,
and ppl will just go to other sources to get their stuff

Yes, I am aware of those dead hosters..
It was due to the massive crack down.

Also if u are smart, you would know that some/many ppl are not buying a single RG or UL any more (due what happened with those dead hosters you listed)
they are buying an ALL in one type of account.

That is probably one of the reason why many aren’t buying the linked accounts here.


@John: They may not be all that popular now, but they’ll very much be in demand once your beloved UL and RG kick the bucket. It shouldn’t be too long before this happens and when it does, you’ll be stuck with your premium accounts with a bunch of dead hosts.

Scorp OTOH is getting ahead of the curve by moving away from RG and UL.

The main reason why most of 300mb’s older uploads are dead is because the likes of Rapidshare, FileServe, Hotfile and FileSonic have long cashed in their chips. RG and UL will soon follow suit.


The solution offer by other person is no help either

Uploadrocket, Filejoker, Bytewhale etc..

They are not very popular hosts.

When ppl buy accounts they buy one that is the most used in many other sites/scenes…

RG, and uploaded are most used.

Telling ppl to buy it an unknown/unpopular hoster is not a solution.
Ppl will just get the stuff forums, torrents or other sources.

I don’t have a solution for you, but I can tell u, the one suggested is not gonna solve the problem.

How about placing more ads on your site?

Add a bitcoin donation link?

Can you tell us how much u need each month?
Where is the highest cost?

You should put a money goal meter on the site, so ppl can see how much has been raised, it might help ppl decide to donate more.


no, do not get rid of uploaded or rapidgator.

They offer excellent speed for premium users…

FJ, is crap and hardly any have any accounts with them.


Alfafile=Rapidgator. Same company. I guess they came up with AF as a vehicle to replace RG with once they feel its time is up.

Nitroflare seems to cheat on its uploaders as well, from what I’ve gathered. Methinks this one’s a no-go too.

I guess I’d go for either FJ or BW. Not both, mind you, but strictly one of them. And I’d also stop using no income hosts like ZS. Full links should be premium only, split links should be free, though at a low speed. Low bandwidth users won’t mind anyway.

Do check the affiliate section over at WJ—, scorp.


You might want to consider ditching both UL and RG (they’re both going to close up shop sooner rather than later and are next to useless already if you ask me) and move on to some of the up-and-coming hosts, like Uploadrocket, Filejoker, Bytewhale. People willing to pay for premium already have UL and RG anyway, but as these two move out of the way there’s going to be a resurgence in premium account purchases with the emerging crowd of hosts.

Also, you should stop offering full links if not premium. Offering too many freebies ruins your business, scorp.

And, as I’ve already told you several times, I think you need to re-up your old encodes and make more content available for people so that they actually purchase through your links.