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Dear all
the inaccessibility problem with LINKBUCKS is on 2 accounts
1.. Linkbucks changing their DNS servres – which should settle soon as the IPS will propagate
2.. Looks like in some countries linkbicks has been banned by some kind of Govt directive , with the IPs we can say especially in India , all you need to do is try two tricks ;P
a.. keep refreshing after deleting cookies and allow linkbucks and its other sister domains in your browser,
b.. use a proxy site like and access the links.

sorry for late response , been busy with loads of things in Real Life 🙂


In-Depth explanation by ERO


LinkBucks Help Guide

  • LinkBucks is down
    That can happen to any site. Try again later.
  • It forwards to your-dns-is-broken-let-me-help(.)linkbucksdns(.)com
    Some of LinkBucks Clone Domains have recently changed their IP. They will work once your DNS is updated with the new IP.
    Alternatively, you can set your DNS to Google DNS ( and or OpenDNS ( &

    Code: Select all
    How to Switch to OpenDNS or Google DNS to Speed Up Web Browsing
  • LinkBucks is blocked by your ISP

    1- Check HTTPS: some ISPs forget to block HTTPS i.e. https://www(.)linkbucks(.)com/******
    2- Check with or without WWW: some ISPs forget to block it i.e. http://www(.)linkbucks(.)com/****** & http://linkbucks(.)com/******
    3- Check if ALL their Clone Domains have been blocked
    If some of them are not blocked then you can put the link ID in any of the Clone Domains and it works exactly the same way e.g.
    … etc

    LinkBucks Clone Domains: (remove brackets)
    allanalpass(.)com, amy(.)gs, any(.)gs, cash4files(.)com, deb(.)gs, drstickyfingers(.)com, dyo(.)gs, fapoff(.)com, filesonthe(.)net, freean(.)us, galleries(.)bz, goneviral(.)com, hornywood(.)tv, linkbabes(.)com, linkbucks(.)com, megaline(.)co, miniurls(.)co, picbucks(.)com, poontown(.)net, qqc(.)co, rqq(.)co, seriousdeals(.)net, seriousfile(s)(.)com, sexpalace(.)gs, theseblogs(.)com, theseforums(.)com, tinylinks(.)co, tnabucks(.)com, tubeviral(.)com, ubervidz(.)com, ugalleries(.)net, ultrafiles(.)net, urlbeat(.)net, whackyvidz(.)com, youfap(.)me, yyv(.)co, zff(.)co

    If some of above ways works for the links and people want, I can write a script that forwards them to the unblocked domains.

    4- Try with a Proxy or VPN

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Just go get a IP changer if you’re having problems.

TG Is back!

Y’all can also try using Tor Browser. Works for Linkbucks and a whole bunch of other sites that are “banned”


Thanks scOrp + ERO for the info, tips and tricks .. Love the way you update all of us 😉