Comments and discussions STICKY thread !!!

On a Trial basis ( based upon the repeated requests from the fans ) , we have enabled the comments on posts made from now onwards.
You can also add your comments on the last 10 posts too 😉

This is being done to open up a platform once more for free talks b/w the team and the fans

PLease MIND !! Its on a trial spamming will get you IP banned and ultimately closing of the comments facility.


Lets have some talks matez !!

This particular thread can be used as a central thread for discussions!!

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Largo Youling



Hi scOrp

im a huge fan of your encodes. can you please mention which tool you are using and required system configuration for the same


Hi scOrp and Team,

Great quality movies. You are doing excellent. Kindly keep it going. One small issue. When I use Zippy share links to download, it gets timed out and I am not able to download. I am facing this issue for about a month now. Is there something I can do for this ?


Hey Scorp when will you upload Interstellar ?


hey scorp my comment on the fury page not showing up
i asked for something in it


Just a note to wish you a Happy Holidays and New Year and to thank you for all your hard work. All the best to you and your loved ones.


Wishing scOrp and the rest of the guys HAPPY HOLIDAYS. Keep the traveling safe and sober always. Take the necessary precautions, follow the rules – don’t break em. And remember God is always by your side. THANK YOU scOrp for all the gifts of 2013-2014. I appreciate all the love and dedication. 😉


Hi scOrp, not seeing you on the forum section for a while, how are you? a couple of questions posted there.


hey scorp
please do more movies
for example u didnt This Is Where I Leave You

thank u for high quality


Simply scorp you are the best.


hey scorp my comments on movies page are not showing up they show up here but i posted 2 comments on different movies and they just dont show up and i wrote a comment about it which showed so plz fix this


thanks scorpy for all the latest movies u are being very quick these days

still missing all the info we shared on the warez thread


thanks scorp! no worries you’re still doing good job. keep it up man, everyone appreciates your rips!


doubt the forum thread will be back. no one knows anything about your updates no more. unfortunate


hey scorp hobbit desolation of smaug extended edition is out on bluray

i know u have done all ee’s so i am waiting for ur release


zippy share speed is down…


scorp ero guyz we are missing all the info due to the warez rash decision cant u do anything about it


Young ones and Jinn are also out


again my comment not showing up


i was waaiting for land ho actually

and any news whether warez will restore it or not


The One I Love 2014 LIMITED 720p BluRay x264-GECKOS
Land Ho 2014 LIMITED 720p BluRay x264-GECKOS
Planes Fire and Rescue 2014 720p BluRay x264-GECKOS


hi scorp

any idea why wz thread good binned and will it be back?


Please Please upload Spirited Away (2001). Bluray version is out now.


HI scorp please encode the final of fifa World cup in 720p. Thanks


I thought this before , but this never happened with video files only compressed files

I hope you consider it , i mean its the same size (rar or mkv ) so i can not see the point of uploading rar files .


Corrupted file has nothing to do with rar or mkv
It is usually bad download
If it is mkv, it will be the same and the file will not play properly
Personally, I prefer multi-segments since if one parts is corrupted, only that section has to be downloaded again


Hello, scorp ,
i hope you upload your future single links for your movies as mkv not rar file since i have been downloading the single link rar version “more than once” and it gives me “the file is corrupt ” and i had to download the whole file again , which is hard with my internet speed.


maybe you guys need to put more single links out there, not just uploaded and radpigator.. put sites up like depositfiles or MEGA, yeah Mega is prolly the most easiest sharing file, you guys should give it a try! btw this site is great!


Could you please provide Frozen in 1080p 5.1ch ? It is such a nice movie.


OpenDNS has started blocking and They’ve blacklisted them as phishing sites and they have every reason to do so considering the crapware they offer to install on people’s machines when you browse those sites waiting for the link redirect.

So, could you please stop using these two? At the very least, for the link list, like the one for Homefront? Pretty please?

Thanks in advance.



Just a short note to tell you that I just bought a 6-month uploaded account using your webpage link. I used a different email address from the one before, and they gave me a new account ID and password. I hope this work out for you. Good luck.

Joanne from Canada


Hi Nomansia
No … I provide support and info
I have a very slow net connection so it is not possible for me to download large sources and upload the re-encoded version otherwise, I would have helped out in re-encoding too