Hello there !!!

Hey guyz ssup 🙂
ok long time without some personal thoughts 😉
just wanted to share a few of OUR observations with you all.
1.. you can play all our videos on all the SAMSUNG GALAXY series device without any issue, if the stock player doesnt play and get dice player from market and viola 😉
2.. with dice player all the BR rips of the TEAM ( especially the 720p and 1080p ) can also be played on the just released ASUS GOOGLE NEXUS 7 😉 the kickass machine 🙂

Now for some other stuff that we have been meaning to talk about.
1.. WE wanna remind all that UNiTED isnt taking no requests of any kind , so dont make any especially some folks who are constantly asking for 1080p rips,
we do rips as per our own convenience , so just dont request about this movie or that or this 720p or that 1080p PLEASE.
2.. We are providing plenty of options to the community in terms of not less than 5 hosts , and we intend to keep it that way, PLEASE dont send requests about x y,z hosts.
3.. About the SLOW updates – well as we have updated time and again , we are encoders by hobby and for the love of movies , we are no professionals or CASH WHORES , we do stuff at our own pace and at our own convenience , PLEASE TRY AND UNDERSTAND THIS , we hope the community will RESPECT our intentions.

Finally about DEAD STUFF : We know that there are so many DEAD LINKS and ZOMBIES out there on the site, to facilitate reupping we even introduced a reporting system .
But UNFORTUNATELY we are just not able to reup dead stuff , primarily coz we dont have much of BACKUPS left anywhere and secondly coz we are not able to squeeze out enough times from our real lives.

Kindly Bear.


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