Updates as on 30-05-12

1.. Rapidshare links are back – again we had to do a alot and burn more money in it 🙁
2.. sorry about the contact form, It was a minor mess which we totally forgot to rectify 😉 just fixed it
3.. you are having the best downloading options now in terms of so many hosts , But in our HARDEST OF TIME as an UPLOADING TEAM.
4.. Just copy the download page link and post it in a different browser which doesnt have script blockers or advlockers installed after 8 seconds you can skip it by clicking the top right button on the page.

We had asked via last announcement about you folks suggesting us ways in which you guyz can help us monetarily – and barring 4 messages those were just plain common suggestions, no one bothered to step in to help us.
If this is how we are gonna be treated then the time is near for us to shut our encoding. UPTO you

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