So some changes in the File hosts. whats you say ? Poll it .

ok we have made some changes in the choice of file hosts.
Regarding this we have started a topic at the forums and a poll as well. Head there and tell us what you think . 🙂

Whats your view about the choice of hosts

NOTE : If you haven’t registered at the forums then do it now and after registering use the CONTACT US form to send us your user id and email with which you registered there ( its required so that your account can be verified and activated )
If you have already registered and your account is still inactive then again use the CONTACT US form to send your user id and email so that we can activate your account.

Please NOTE if after registering or making an account at the forums you dont send your userid and email id ( that you used there ) to us via the CONTACT US form, your account will never be activated.

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