The Forum is ACTIVE again !!!

Ok guyz seeing how many people wanna air their views about this or that regarding 300mbunited, we have just re-enabled our FORUM.

Please note a few important things here :

The PRIMARY GOAL of the forum is discussion and nothing else.

1.. If you are registering a new account, then apart from filling up the registration form, you need to send your userid and email id along with a few words about yourself to us via the CONTACT FORM as well.
All the accounts will be approved and activated within 24 hours by the staff. We reserve the right to NOT APPROVE any new registration.
PLEASE NOTE that without an accompanying message to us via CONTACT FORM, we will not approve your membership

2.. At the moment there is just one section in the forums where registered members can post or make new Topics, the Title of presently open subforum is
Discussions and Requests
Lets Discuss
Re-Up Requests

3.. We have a 0 TOLERANCE towards SPAM and Rulez breaking, just READ the RULEZ very very carefully before posting anything. Not complying by the RULEZ might get you IP banned ( no kidding here ).

4.. Although the rest of the content at the forum is kinna outdated but still you all can read it , but cant comment or reply to anything in there.

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