Important UPDATE

Dear Fans
With the kind of messages we are receiving from your side it looks not many people are aware of whats going on.
Let us tell you in short – last Thursday Feds shutdown the popular MEGAUPLOAD hosting and all its subsidiaries and arrested the owners ( lol as well as the GFx designer :O ), after this a major chicken run has ensued with all other major FILE HOSTING services like FILESERVE, FILESONIC, FILEJUNGLE and a hell number of others killing the uploaders accounts and deleting all files from them irrespective of they being legit or not also they stopped all affiliate pgmms too.

Due to this we have run into an unprecedented situation, most of the team has lost a major chunk of their backups stored in the before mentioned hosts. So we would urge you all to be patient and dont flood us with reup requests or any requests at all at the moment, we are just waiting how this all settles. This also puts us in a fix on the issue of how to meet the costs of everything. We will be updating you all regularly,

Please be patient

We would appreciate if the people who are pretty aware of whats going on, can offer some suggestions on the present scenario as we want your opinions too, over hosts, over how the costs can be met and safely of all.

Also we are thankful to a Few people ( yes it was surprising that there were just 3 individuals ) who offered their monetary help, Its so kind of you people, but at the moment we are not accepting anything, we will be letting you all know.

A special mention here for MS. KATHLYN for her soothing and supporting words and her offer ofย  help, we are grateful mam ๐Ÿ™‚
god bless

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