Season of the witch 720p UPDATE

I am SO SORRY about the earlier release. ( 600MB – 720p )
Mistakenly rared and uploaded the video file only.
The Links have been now updated and you guyz can now download the 625MB proper version with audio.
For the folks who have downloaded the video only here is the AUDIO file which you can mux with the video

How to add backup audio to the existing mkv video :

All you need is your existing video
New audio
and mkvmerge software , which you can download from here :

here are the steps :
1.. go to mkvmerge folder and double click mmg.exe and click add , and add the existing VIDEO file
2.. Untick the existing audio (if there is any )
3.. Hit add again and add the new audio
4.. set the output folder and hit start muxing.
The new resultant file will have new audio , you can add subs in the similar fashion and also other audio tracks too.

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