We are forced to discontinue all our backup storage now….

Hey all
As Its getting difficult to maintain the files for backup, we have decided to delete em all and take remedial measures to avoid undue expanses. So after 1st of December we will not be re-uploading any dead link at all.
There have been no donations or funds since last several weeks apart from one account purchase, so in fact its been many months now ๐Ÿ™
Doesnt really look good to remind again and again.
Do come forward and use PAYPAL or BTC to help us as it seems the file hosts are not giving the referrals on this or that pretext.
The future of our operations without donations is bleak and uploads will most certainly be stopped next owing to lack of funds and after that the site will be discontinued after a few weeks of 0 uploads.


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Everyone is having hardtime during covid19.i suggest noneed keep old movies,noneed make different versions of same movie. Keep it simple sinorita(KISS).Your files getting larger.i simply dont have the speed,data to watch.again keep the filesize small. Then maybe more ppl will donate rather than going to the cinemas


Just IMO if you can afford to buy the movies you should (atleast if you liked them) I’ve purchased a lot of the movies I’ve got off here, I just like having a copy on my hdd and supporting the industry especially if the movie is low budget or independent. There are a lot of great movies I’ve bought because I watched them here 1st. I wouldn’t have even known about them if it wasn’t for scorp.


Sorry to hear about the lack of support. It seems people are often quick in using a helpful service, but when it comes to helping the service provider to maintain operations people remain inactive. Yet, I hope people get your message and understnd that without at least some support on their part this fine site will no longer exist. Rest assured, Scorp, that your efforts are highly appreciated. Hopefully the RG and NF affiliation will turn out to be fruitful again, because I think it is a good thing.
Stay safe, protect your health and have a great season!


C’Mon PPL you all need to step up. I barely have time to get the backups let alone watch them… I will make another donation scorp same way as last time. I really appreciate the work you do! Wish you could still do the broken apart pieces for the people who aren’t able to work or donate… Happy Holidays to everyone!