About The Bottle Rocket Rips —-

In the recent past I believe I haven’t worked more on any other rip than the BOTTLE ROCKET.

The source was huge and totally unfiltered , I had to employ a lot of tricks to get t look as it is looking now.
The video footage was one of those which would leave any bitrate wanting , but I can safely say the 1080p has done justice , although its whopping 3GB in size , but it looks pretty nice, the source required it to go beyond 4GB to look decent in 1080p.

Do leave your feedback regarding them and especially the 1080 version.

The movie is also very good , lesser known but very very good.


& please keep helping us 😀

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As always great quality, great job


Hi Scorp, watched the 720p and it is fabulous as usual. Thanks!


I didnt get the 1080 version but the 720 version looks great