TV Mini-Series of 2019 , Are you aware ???

Hey all πŸ˜€
Are you good folks aware that out of the best TV Mini-series of 2019, we have uploaded all the top ones πŸ™‚
herz the list if you have paid attention πŸ™‚

When They See Us
The Spy
Good Omens
Les MisΓ©rables
Years and Years
A Christmas Carol
The Capture
The Miniaturist

The Miniaturist is from 2017 , but its proper release came only last year via scene

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hi scorp, thanks for your hardwork bring in these great series πŸ™‚
FYI i cannot get links for good omens, it stuck on, can you fix it?
and for Chernobyl, would you please upload it into single link?


ok Scorp. thx


off topic
how about lost & gotham


it appears that the rapidgator links are dead for:
A Christmas Carol
The Miniaturist
Any chance of a refresh?


Thank you and
you’re welcome

Carl Comet

Namaste Scorp,
I have only watched Chernobyl, but that was a thrilling experience. When back in the 80s I learned about the catastrophe from the news it was kind of abstract. And films like The Day After felt too much hollywoodesque. But this Chernobyl mini series really hit the spot. Looking behind the scenes of politics and science was really convincing – and the style looked very convincing as were the actors. It really felt like being there. And many of the topics and questions the series raises are so relevant today!
All the best for you, Scorp!

Carl Comet

Actually I fully understand your view. With all the sh*t going on in the world (also long before Corona) and the feeling of despair (because in fact bad people in power never change) a temporary escapism helps us relax. Sci-Fi and Fantasy Horror or some wild comedy take us on a trip in another world where danger lurks but will be managed (it’s in the script! πŸ˜‰ ). For me this often works as a kind of catharsis. A good example might be “Zombieland” … it is the apocalypse, but it is also hilarious and original, and there is a band of cool people who can rely on each other (or not but then only temporarily, in the end the good folks are all freinds – and they succeed, yay! πŸ™‚ )
In times of Corona good entertainment can save us from going crazy in confinement πŸ˜‰ So, Scorp, consider yourself a real life-saver!!! πŸ™‚