I Feel ….

Guys , I feel that now we should also try and shift towards 100% x265 rips
Simply coz x265 has better compression algorithm , the quality is great and file sizes are at least 20 to 30% smaller.
No change in encoding time though, but still x265 is a better option, provided you guys are ready to move towards it which might require hardware upgrades at your end.

People who are using Pcs can use any format but people who are using these files to directly play on their TVs may need to either get a firmware upgrade (if available from the manufacturer which i highly doubt) or may be switch to a new TV or media player altogether.

Post your opinions and lets see if this is feasible at this point or if we should give it another year or so.

Take care


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Please stay on x264!!!


A FireStick ($25) or a Chromecast ($15) are cheap enough where we should take advantage of the better/smaller x265. Just my thoughts.
Your work is much appreciated!


Please be on x264


maybe you can start x265 with 1080p, like joker 1080p x265? so we can have 1080p in smaller size


For me my ps4 and TV only play x264. However the sites i used to download all my tv shows from which were x264 have closed and its harder to find small 720/1080 x264 rips, but there is a lot of small 720/1080 x265 rip sites. I think in the coming months or maybe a year then even scene release will move towards 265 so for yourself I think you will probs have to make the jump at some stage to all 265. And for me i know i need to get some way of playing these 265 files on my tv. Hopefully ps5 will have 265 play back


its the other way around for me! my tv can handle x265 but the pc is 10 years old and can play the video but cant handle fast moving and action sequences.
do it its better overall