wass up guys :)

i am still trying with whatever time i have
but would request the smarter guys to chip in with their detailed inputs, I mean truly detailed ones about secure, anonymous ways to accept funds , donations etc.
keep your fingers crossed 🙂

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Why ld.rtify.com cannot acces?


My uploaded account is coming to an end in a couple of days. Are you still going to get a cut if I use your link to buy a new one ?


why not use wallet bitcoin?


I still think it could work with the gift cards. The given code is like cash I think. If someone wants to give a giftcard to you the person could just say so here on the site. Since you can see their email adress you could contact this person offline via email with a temporary email adress. I recently learned there a lots of different services which provide temp or trash email adresses in various grades of lifespan. With some you even can answer or forward the emails within a span of 24 hours or so.


I don’t know how the scammers gets rid of them?
are there any places where you can sell anonymously?
I know what code I sent you, so if I search for newly added gift cards on ebay, there would be little chance of finding what I sent and thus your ebay info.

I might just be paranoid, but don’t want anything to happen to you


I don’t understand what ebay has to do with that? He doesn’t need to sell those giftcards on ebay. He would only need to know the code of an Apple gift card for example and could than with the code transfer money to his own Apple ID account. You could all this online do. And with a trash email adress which is valid only for 10 minutes for example he could forward email messages to his self.


ok =) i am just paranoid :p
i really hope we cam do it this way !