Guys if you have any of my pre 2016 rips then do share plzzzzzz……….

Hey all
As you can see , from past several weeks I have been trying to dig up my older rips.
But the sources are limited so I was wondering if any of you have any of my post 2007 and pre 2016 rips, if yes 😀 then please upload as video file to any host of your choice and share the link in the comments of CHAT thread, dont worry if the comment isn’t visible 😉 we ll take care.

A lot of great movies have been missing from the site , I wish to share them with all again 🙂

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Yeah, one vote for the list


Then just make an interface so that people could make a list, by adding the wanted titles and voting them up. That way everyone would see which films are absent and wanted. It would be much more efficient. Besides, very old rips now look subpar on modern full-HD screens. 10-bit rips are now taking over. That would also make a way to get the best rips available. Anyway, scOrp, you are doing a great job, you are the man.


I never tried it on a TV, but on my desktop 10-bit rips look just awesome and the file size is only a little bit bigger. Probably not much a difference for a cheap notebook screen, but for a 22-inch LCD the difference is very noticeable, maybe even more so for larger screens.
As to who is going to make a list, only an interface is needed. Say, a person is looking for a film and the film is missing, so he adds a title to the list. Another person who needs the same film votes on the title so it moves up in the list, so the most wanted titles gather at the top of the list.
The only problem is that public links expire/taken down rather quickly, so a non-public (cloud?) cache would be helpful. And that link protection magic that you do probably helps too.


Make a list of titles and ill upload them 🙂


I have tons of your rips (and from others) but it’s hard to upload all of them. I suggest you make a page with a list of wanted titles and so that people could add titles to the list and vote them up. It would be easier to upload just the most wanted ones.


I agree! I have several TBs of movies from here, as well as from other/personal sources, so a “most wanted” poll will let me use my system for mare than just a upload bot. 😀


sure, do make a list or a poll.