How to get Forum account activated and The Comments page on Forum

Hey all
A lot of people have been asking about some interactive discussion thread where fans and the staff can post comments, updates and info.
We had started a thread in our forum for this very purpose , you may find it here

Whosoever wants to take part there can register at the forums at
Once registered please add a comment to this thread along with your USERID , and the staff will activate your forum account.

Please mind that due to huge spam we only manually activate accounts for the forum , This might seem like an OVERKILL but its necessary as we get like a 1000 messages as spam on the Blog alone.

So Kindly register with proper details at the forum , share the registered USERID here and we ll activate your acc within a few hours.


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42 Responses to How to get Forum account activated and The Comments page on Forum

  1. Kira says:

    Username: Kira300467
    My registration is long time ago, please activate.

    Best regards

  2. relinked says:

    I just filled my registration form to participate at your forum.

  3. jamARCH says:

    JUST registered bro

    • scOrp says:

      Thanks mate]
      but for now we are doing discussions out here at the blogs
      once i have an idea to do something more creative with the forums we ll move there
      till hangout with us all right here 🙂

  4. jamarch says:

    hi there i just signed up

  5. jamarch says:


  6. Satans Thong says:

    Hi there … just signed up.
    Username is Satans Thong.

  7. Imur.shaddoww says:

    username: imur.shaddoww
    pls activate my account, i’ll be happy to join the forum

  8. Imur.shaddoww says:

    username: imur.shaddoww
    pls activate my account, i’ll be to join the forum

  9. tman says:

    user name= tman

  10. ets says:

    Username= ets2361


  11. buscpurc says:

    Username = buscpurc


  12. sam says:

    username: genius_sb
    Kindly activate me account.

    Thanx in advance.

  13. amir says:

    usenamer: amirhkk
    i would be happy if you activate my account.
    my regards

  14. Sriram says:

    username : srvsriram
    Kindly activate my account

  15. romjan ali says:

    it is


  16. brett says:

    username – y6ql4

  17. Dave says:

    Username : daveyd

    just created the account, and I’ve also created a new UL account with a new email so I’ll email you my new ID once I’m registered with ye and ye can check to make sure you got your donation. 🙂

  18. millionsuns says:

    username : millionsuns
    please activate my account

  19. OS says:

    Username : AliffOs
    Hope you can activate it scOrp 🙂

  20. Sky-14 says:

    user id: Sky-14

  21. eye says:

    UID – eye

  22. anatsu says:

    user: anatsu

  23. chanchal.shohel says:

    user : chanchal.shohel

  24. R says:

    Username: ronald_loulan
    Just registered my account…

  25. 7oko says:

    username : 7oko
    please activate

  26. IQBAL says:

    user: iqbal88
    Plz active my account

  27. walton says:

    user : walton

    Please activate, ta.

  28. Aravind says:

    Usename – BIG Bo$$

    Thanks Scorp..!

  29. Steven says:

    Username – steviemay

    I also registered a long time ago and never got activated

  30. linuxdude says:

    user : linuxdude

    Please activate, thanks in advance.

  31. Evilaard says:

    Username: Evilaard

    I didn’t make my account today tough… Made it a while ago but it hasn’t been activated yet.

  32. chanchal.shohel says:


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