Guys its again that scenario ;) pretty tight the funds situation is , how about helping your hardworking team …..

by buying some fresh uploaded accounts or may be renewing your older ones or may be extending them
would be grateful

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30 Responses to Guys its again that scenario ;) pretty tight the funds situation is , how about helping your hardworking team …..

  1. Loft says:

    Just bought a new account through the referral.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. biglew says:

    Thanks. SO ……….. is NOT your site? You might want to have them taken down then.

    • scOrp says:

      there are far too many fake sites operating in our name , leeching our stuff and LOL each site has a scOrp too ;).
      Once our content is posted here , its public property , we cant control who posts it where
      The onus is on the end user who should make sure that they give due credit to the site and guys who have originally re encoded the rip and made it into small sized MKV 🙂
      Thanks for the concern

  3. biglew says:

    I would love to support your two sites (org and me) but the problem I have is a continue flash update requirement stopping me from doing anything. I have run every Trojan horse and virus checker and yet it continues. Nothing is taking care of the constant problem.

    • scOrp says:

      First up we dont have an org site , you must be mistaken.
      we have 2 urls which redirect to only
      secondly , you should update flash player in your system as its an requirement with each and every flash enabled site.
      Then install firefox adblocker
      and install No scripts add on for firefox
      In no scripts , allow linkshrink so that it can reload a page couple of times , but with ad blocker you wont get spammed with adverts,
      You may have to enable couple of more urls within No script options which are related to linkshrink
      and viola
      give it all a good 15 minutes and all will be great
      Take care

  4. Big Papi says:

    Account was purchased July 19 at around 4:54pm ET. I used the link you posted right here a couple of comments above.

    • scOrp says:

      No worries mate , Though we dont see any entry for july 19th or 20th
      But thanks for chipping in , sometimes they credit after a couple of days 🙂

  5. Big Papi says:

    Hello sc0rp.
    I finally was able to purchase a 3-month account. Apparently my country is part of US but it doesn’t recognize my number as US, so I used a relative’s and he gave me the texted PIN.
    Anyway please confirm you got your take for the referral.

  6. Jacx says:

    Hi scOrp,
    Taken a 3 month account. Please let me know if you got the benefit.

  7. skofield08 says:

    Just bought a month subscription! thanks…

  8. Jacx says:

    I’d like to contribute. But, I don’t have a login. How do I go about doing that?

  9. Big Papi says:

    That’s what I thought. But it keeps asking me for my phone number to send the pin via SMS or phone call, and keeps telling me my payment method is no longer available to me after i put in my phone number. I checked the email and there isn’t any mail from Uploaded, not even on Spam. I’ll keep trying or find another way of buying the account via your referral.

  10. Big Papi says:

    I’ve been trying to purchase the Uploaded account but they never send me the SMS with the pin. And now it’s telling me that payment method is no longer available to me.

  11. eric says:

    just bought 3 month rapid account 🙂 hope that will help

    • scOrp says:

      did you use our referral link to access uploaded site and bought from there ?
      when did you buy , coz we arent seeing any referral amount being credited to us 🙁

      • scOrp says:

        @ Eric : Thanks mate !! atleast the sale is showing in our referral 🙂
        This is so important for us
        Many thanks
        God bless you bud 🙂

  12. Big Papi says:

    Sc0rpy I’ll gladly buy an account for your cause. Please give me time till the weekend so I can purchase it through your referral link.

  13. Anny says:

    Does it make it a difference if we buy a 48 hour / 1 month / 3 month etc account? Do you get more for the larger accounts?

  14. Goofynews says:

    Having trouble buying account. Don’t read German.

  15. Pak Long Targaryen says:

    Hi scorp,

    Is there anyway i can contribute using Paypal? Plz let me know. Tq.

    • scOrp says:

      nothing as of now dear mate
      If you wish then buy a new 3 months uploaded for us using our link , if you dont need the account then give us the details will come in handy

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