From now on CLICKnUPLOAD will be used instead of Zippyshare !!!

hey folks !!!
As you all must be aware , one of our aim has been to help low bandwidth free users since we started this site.
Thats why we used many a sites to help them out , this was the reason why we started using ZIPPYSHARE links .
Offlate we have been facing a lot of issues with it , low uploading speed, banning of IP addresses, DMCA and all.
we tried till we could , but from now on we will be using CLICKnUPLOAD.

the host is fast , uploading is faster and smooth, Resume supported , far better file management and you can even que a couple of links ( i guess ),
New things take a bit of time getting used to , so give it some time , there are a few popups and stuff with it but once you are able to fine your way its a good host for free users .
Here are a few instructions on how you may use it

Go to clicknupload link
Hit Free download
after that wait for the 5 seconds timer and then hit
Create download link
there could be a couple of popups
Then hit click here to download your file

The host is pretty great as the links are resume supported

we care about you so if majority of guyz feel its not worth it , we ll switch to some other host.
Take care

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30 Responses to From now on CLICKnUPLOAD will be used instead of Zippyshare !!!

  1. and .com are banned on most isp’s in india,and if i acces using a proxy it says “different ip”

    • scOrp says:

      if you were a regular then you would not have posted this comment as we have already moved back to zippy-share
      for whats it worth, why there are just free users in India , most the requests for not using CnU were only from India
      seems like only free hosts are used there
      if only 10 percent of the people from there had donated by buying uploaded accounts we wouldn’t have been in such a mess

      anyways free it is for all so happy downloading using zippy

  2. MIDHUN.S says:

    hi..scorp..iam a fan of your uploads..and i ask my friends also to use from ur site.But the new change with zippy to click n upload..doesnot work with my connection…now iam not able to download from my mobile phone..please bring back zippy..plz..

    • scOrp says:

      zippy has been again added starting today
      and asking your friends to download is great , but TBH that wont help us much , the real help would be when someone actually buys an uploaded account using our referral link

  3. abenzc says:

    hi scOrp,

    please bring back zippyshare, as clicknupload use port 182, unable to download anything since…

    thanks for your hardwork… 🙂

  4. TJohn says:

    Yo Scorp, been downloading your stuff for years. Thanks for all the movies, and the hard work. Any decision you make is a good one. Appreciate everything, buddy.


  5. slovac says:

    Well this sucks. CLICKnUPLOAD use port 182 and i have limited connection only for standard ports (80, 8080, 443, 8443).
    So now i can’t download sh*t..

  6. nadya says:

    please bring back zippyshare. I hate clicknupload. it’s not compatible with my ISP. can’t download anything from it. zippyshare has been working flawlessly for years.

    this is a sad day for scorp movies.

  7. Bullrun says:

    @b0r1s, Look for the 3rd Party filter Anti-Adblock Killer by Reek. It has Linkshrink in the list. It works on uBO and ABPlus.

    As @asbo wrote, uBlock Origin uses less memory than ABP and is slightly faster. I changed from ABP.

  8. asbo says:

    Switch to uBlock Origin instead of AblockPlus. Lower memory footprint and it works with linkshrink.

  9. Alibobo says:

    Thanks buddy, I stopped downloading from Zippyshare a year ago after having bought a 🙂 Thanks for sharing great movies in such great size 😀

  10. b0r1s says:

    @Bullrun; @parsleybrain: I use Adblock Plus on Firefox and when going on a movie link there is a message “Please disable Adblock” instead of count down in upper right corner.

  11. parsleybrain says:

    @b0r1s, this is weird – like bullrun I have no issues using an adblock with my browsers (AdBlock with Chrome and Firefox). Never had to disable my adblocker for Linkshrink.

  12. Bullrun says:

    Sorry, just caught my mistake. No need to disable my ablocker on Linkshrink either.

  13. Bullrun says:

    Sometimes, while downloading, ClicknUpload will show a “file not found error.” Pause the active download then you can add the file to your queue and resume the current download. This will affect multiple active downloads – won’t work. Without the error, multiple active downloads are possible.

    @b0r1s, I have no issue using an adblock (uBlock Origin, Firefox) and ClicknUpload. No popups at all. No nags to disable adblock. An Anti-Adblock Killer filter may help you if you are being asked to disable your adblocker.

    @scOrp, how can ClicknUpload users donate? 🙂

  14. Imran Siddiqi says:

    seems like a better replacement good job bro! ….

  15. ichan says:

    great job scOrp,, maybe you can consider using tusfiles as an extra opstion to host your file.

    It can generate more money if you compared it witc click n upload

  16. Farid says:

    Thanks buddy.

  17. b0r1s says:

    scOrp, yes I know that disabling adblock and refresh would work but then I have a tone of popup windows and other crap because of which I have adblock in first place. I use it for more than a three years and I didnt have any problems that I have now again. sorry mate but disabling adblock is not an option any more, at any site and any cost.

  18. Ahmed says:

    I never had any issue with zippy, it was fast, supported queuing and didn’t have dead links!! I am not sure switching to another host would be very beneficial??
    BTW, great effort man, thanks for your hard work.

  19. Jay says:

    sorry mate, m nt able to download from clicknupload. the create download link shows access denied every single time.

    any suggestions!!

    • scOrp says:

      @ Jay :

      Go to clicknupload link
      Hit Free download
      after that wait for the 5 seconds timer and the hit
      Create download link
      there could be a couple of popups
      Then hit click here to download your file

      The host is pretty great as the links are resume supported

  20. b0r1s says:

    nice work, scOrp, but unfortunately I have problem with downloads. I use Adblock and for last three months linkshrink wants to disable it in order to proceed to download links. so I search for other sources of movies and for last month I download from another location. if you ever find another solution for this problem I am ready to back here, but till then I will download from another location.

    • scOrp says:

      @ b0r1s : you should disable adblock plus for linkshrink , then reload page with f5 a couple of times and you ll get the links
      The problem is most of the users who download zippy or clinknupload are free users, this is the best we can do.
      To provide free links we cant use hosts which are headache for us, even if it means many might stop visiting this site .

      • scOrp says:

        @anandha : keep your mouth shut , people like you want bloody freebies for nothing and want them in your plate without efforts even.
        You think we are doing some kind of job for idiots like you , who cant find their way around a bloody free host,
        Shame on you.
        you have been IP banned so take your crap somewhere else.

  21. lamfete says:

    good choice

  22. Karthik says:

    Thanks man it is a good site to download we can even queue it up in internet download manager by the way zippyshare was a bit annoying keep rocking scorp 🙂

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