considering the poll direction – new shows and rips will be in x264 format


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15 Responses to considering the poll direction – new shows and rips will be in x264 format

  1. waifer says:

    Hi scorp,
    thats exactly why i voted. i know hevc is more effiecient but sadly my TV and google photos are not compatible wit x265.
    Thats why i prefer x264 at the moment.
    Thanks for the poll.
    ps. I like to watch good quality tv shows on TV, aren`t they like movies nowadays?

    • scOrp says:

      very true ,
      see apartb from being smaller in size there is no other advantage of x265
      even i like to do TV shows in x265 but as many people wont be able to play them on thier media players so for the time being we have to make do with x265 despite it having bigger size

  2. Nagase says:

    i just hope you can continue provide movie rips in x264 format and im okay too provide x265 just for tvshow because most of people play tvshow on their pc not on tv

    really sad if can’t watch movies rip anymore because my tv not support x265 🙁

    • scOrp says:

      dont worry movies will always be in x264 especially all the BRrips 🙂
      with the looks of it it seems everything will be in x264 as 46 % favour all in x264 + 23% are okay with anything

  3. X says:


    I quite like the h265..

    Please move with the times
    H265 is the way to go..

    How many people actually voted anyway?

    Not all people were aware that there was a poll..

    So don’t it as any indications of preference

    • scOrp says:

      if you have voted then you can clearly see how many people have voted.
      secondly x265 is useful for people who watch the files on their computers or laptops
      People who play files on their TVs or like to burn them on discs and play on media players rand stuff cant use the x265 files.

  4. cyborg says:

    HEVC is great, but I think it’s still just a little too early.
    Still waiting on buying a media PC (Intel NUC) that is 100% HEVC/4K compliant.
    All of the current ones are still missing features.
    Might be worth it to do the poll again in the future when more devices are compatible.

  5. parsleybrain says:

    Thanks, scOrp. 🙂

  6. Alibobo says:

    Hey scOrpy, I thought that the poll shows us that only 42% ppl are okay with x264 for everything, not 65%?

    • scOrp says:

      yes but you forgot to see that there are 23% who are okay with x264 or x265 ;P
      catering to all isnt possible
      if there were enough donations and enough funds then i would have tried to arrange foe both x264 and x265 for tV shows
      But its really a fight for survival so trying hard to make do with whatever is there

  7. Alibobo says:

    Love the HEVC 🙁

  8. Teh Tai Ring says:

    i would like to keep the current arrangement if possible.

    • scOrp says:

      the poll clearly says that more than 65% people are okay with everything in x264, and thats what i ll do
      despite the fact that x265 are smaller and they are ok for us too as we can save more in less space .

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