What do you guys think about the quality of the recent X265-HEVC encoded movies ??? Post comments

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lets see how you find them in terms of video , audio and size vs the quality .
Post your views , dont worry they will appear after a few hours if they dont show immediately

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there is no huge differences between x264 and x265, so comparing x264 and x265 like a type writer and a computer is a little bit exaggerating, don’t you think?


Aye where is my comment?


x265 is great but my tv does not support it so I always download x264. maybe if there is more 1080p movies in x265 I will consider to connect my tv with laptop 🙂


Thanks a lot scorp. You should do more X265. You rock man.

bablu khan

Its really awesome. Specially audio quality.I’m Happy


x265 is not necessary for every movie but it should be for some great movies like kings man the secret services, ex machina, chappie and any other else. so please consider doing hevc for some movies. And thanks for ur great effort.

JP Pauls

Much better qualitym greetings


sound unstable sometimes small sometimes large

Janjawed France

Great work Scorp you are the best of the all best Man


x265 eats 2x more cpu than x264. pointless.


I dont care too much about the smaller size, so Im sticking with the x264 for now. But I would download x265 if they were 1080p, then the 20-30% smaller size would really take effect. In general Id wish more 1080p rips, since they are just so much better quality.


x265 is best for encode to hevc/h265 format & x265 scorp release good.. but be aware about film have a lot the dark screen & image with 1 colour (sepia etc), x265 produce more blurry image, blocking and loss of detail..


I think it’s too early to shift to HEVC because there are no reliable players for tablets out there, it drains the life out of older machines including mine and I guess it won’t reach mainstream till 2017 at least. It looks a promising one but for now, I’m very happy with AVC despite the larger file size as bandwidth matters little to me.


Skipping x265 because of lack of standalone player support is like opting for a typewriter because you don’t know how to use a computer.

The HEVC codec is amazing and the size advantage it offers whilst preserving the quality is superb. It is the way forward and promising developments are already on the horizon. So it might not be long when image smoothing and other issues are sorted out.

The difference between x264 and x265 may be sufficient enough for experienced eyes like scorp, but for for mortals like me it is almost the same. So, for the size advantage, I only download x265 rips.


I am definitely for x265! size shrinked to aprox. 50% of x264, yet quality seems to be preserved. However, I would appreciate bit more better audio if you now saved some space. And 5.1 for granted for movies which worth seeing in 5.1 (action, sci-fi, no comedy etc.).


x265 is great, small size and same quality but not many platform support x265. i still download x264 because i want to play movie at my TV . x265 unsupported for TV, only high end TV support it i guess


won’t take x265 since many hardware standalone players don’t support


My vote goes for HEVC X265 . Only handful of good rippers are doing good job and one of them is you .
So keep helping us with low bandwith but quality lovers and update stuff in HEVC FORMATS . Thank You


I vote for x265. Less time to download and much more space I could save. I couldn’t even differentiate the quality between it and x264 anyway.


x265 does not work on the Raspberry Pi 2 (yet at least) so i can’t say nothing about it. But more is always better, am i right?

And please keep up with the x264 720p 😉

Also thanks a lot for all the uploads. <3


More please




x265 is great but my tv can’t open it so plz upload in x264


its pretty good.. its the future


x265 is great .. plz upload more …


ur encode is the best but the encoder itself is stupid


Agree with most above x265 is the way to go!


although larger in size, I still prefer the Retail BR ver only 🙂


I think they’re fantastic, but I wish Plex supported x265…

Divine Chaos

I love them and wish all of your releases were x265.


Love em, Just updated my HTPC for 265 support…please release more! 🙂


Quality is not good


hi scorp,
I think its good comparing to the very low size of the movie file ..
its up to you if you want to keep using it..
for me .. its like the old X264 only with x265 is the size lower..



It has improved considerably. In my 23” screen differences are hard to see.

Much less artifacts than first releases but it still smooths the image a bit more than x264, which seems logical if it’s almost half the size :p .

For now I stick to x264, bigger size but less smoothing but it can be a good choice for ppl with low bandwidth/down speed or on smaller screens.

And how about 1080p x265 vs 720p x264? Probably both will end with same size but maybe x265 would be better?

Anyway, good work 🙂


The quality of the rips matter less when cross platform and RELIABLE players are not there yet. VLC hangs and goes into infinite audio loop with frozen frame while Daum PotPlayer which runs flawlessly on Windows is just not available on other platforms.


The size is quite nice w 20-30% reduction.
In terms of video and audio, I dont see the difference in quality
Sadly for my aged laptop, processing power is not enough to decode 1080p .265. 720p is almost smooth.
Good job for your encoding.
*thumbs up

Anonymous fan

Quality awesome. Size super compact. It is time to go X265 way.


Excellent, better quality with less space. Thanks for all your effort and dedication.


Great quality small size! Post more x265!! Thanks.