Hey all !! Despite repeated shouts for help , it seems no one is listening :(

Hello dear friends !!
We have been repeatedly asking for your help , but it seems no one is interested in helping the Site generate some revenue !!
We are doing the best we can to provide you folks with the highest quality 720p and 1080p rips at the best and the smallest size.

We wont be able to maintain the site and the other costs if this trend of utter non cooperation continues.
Rest is upto you folks , we dont wish to sound as if we are un necessarily pushing you guys .

If at all you feel you can help then use our referral link and buy UPLOADED ACCOUNT. Its as good as a straight donation !!!

All the best

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I do not buy uploaded accounts but i do have a monthly subscription to RPNET. The reason why you do not generate enough rev is because your only source of income is uploaded accounts. Put a paypal donate button on the site to provide people with more options. I would not mind donating a few dollars a month to keep you guys going.


hey scorp try revenue hits and info links to generate some revenue from the views


Been trying to buy another account since Feb. 23. but my credit card (and other people’s cards) keep being rejected. Will continue trying. Keep up the good work.


sorry it was only a renewal – I had forgotten to delete my browser cash before using your link and so the renewal happened automatically. but I’m glad you got at least the lesser referral.


may be you could offering ads? I mean, manual ads, for those who need good traffic from your site…


anychance of using rpnet purchases much more useful.


I just bought an uploaded account for a 1/2 year using the referral link above. Hope this helps.


Hi Scorp,

Just an idea – how about having a donate button on the site for those who can’t buy the accounts?

Thanks for the great work!


Hey Scorp, I cant buy Uploaded or rapidgator Since It’s very costly as well as i use all types of links, Its a waste of money for me..
If u want some kind donation to run the site, I can donate some 10$ to 15$ Per month.
If it’s Ok, Let me know or mail me..