The master does it again :D & I m amazed once more after a looooong time ! :D @ Tenet

Since the time of INCEPTION, things peaked for my movie senses and after that everything was just average, nothing could impress me.
BUT, The master does it again, TENET has again raised the bar of story telling.
I know I ll have to watch it may twice more to properly enjoy and actually get over the feeling of amazement :D.
Fantastic work, awesome story and story telling, great actors, great acting, great locales, exact to the need of the screenplay.
Pure platinum.
Wish I could catch it while it was at the cinemas but the Covid thing didn’t let .

PS : precisely the reason I have chosen to not compromise on the quality of the just released HDrip.
WEB-DLs and Bluray all will be done as and when they ll arive with best possible quality .

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Thank you scOrp for the feedback. I was wondering about this movie.
TBH, although I visit here everyday, good movies (and series) have been really hard to find lately. I have download only ONE movie in 2020 (The Old Guard) and that was not bad but looked more like a TV Series pilot.


BR is due out Dec 14 so we should see it very soon. I will wait for the BR. 😉


Yes, totally agree. I would rate the film 10/10. Watched it twice at the cinema and definitely watch again when the BR comes out