If you appreciate our efforts then help us via whichever route suits to you – Paypal, Bitcoins, NF/RG accounts purchase – We need your help folks !!

Dear All ! In the months of March & April we got help via donations and we responded with 10x the force back then , we uploaded huge number of 1080p and 720p rips of highly rated popular and classic movies and Tv shows…

We had added as many as three download hosts and reuppeed a hell number of dead links as well…, But the support has dried up again since June and the situation is pretty tight TBH.
Plz take out time and help your Team so that our enthusiasm remains at peak, your entertainment needs are met with highest quality content & our monetary needs are met 🙂

Drop a message either here, or click the various colored donation options or post in the chat thread or in the paypal thread if you wish to help us by making a PAYPAL DONATION., we ll contact you via email.

You may also donate by BITCOINS which is the most anonymous route , the address is there at the Donations page up top.

You may buy your RAPIDGATOR or NITROFLARE accounts using our referral link in the sidebar, that also helps.

Help us to help you 😀
Thanks a bunch

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I too could do another donation, preferably via PayPal. Should I write to Gor again in order to do so?


Can I use the Paypal email address that I used back in April for a donation ? Or another address ?


Done. Hope it keeps you afloat for a little while.


Details ?


oops… sorry, I’m slow like that sometimes. Going to send an email with the details of the transfer.

Michelle D

Hi there. I will leave a comment about donation. As much as I would like to, but many of us are under lockdown, no job, no money. The poor goes broke. The rich wont help. I even need people to donate to me but world is full of selfish people.They rather donate to charity or govt and where their money end up, nobody knows.
If you do get donation, forget 1080p.We watch we forget.720p is suffice. Why you waste so much time doing HD FHD and uploading old movies none of us want see(except 1 or 2)? And Big file exceed 1GB, I went elsewhere for the file.
There hope it helps.Hope you are funded soon 🙂


Very happy with what you are doing and the great dd5.1! You helped me a lot during the recession when decent jobs were hard to find and I was scraping by paycheck to paycheck. I’m perfectly happy with what you’ve been posting.


Shame that the “free link” doesn’t seem to work – just goes round in circles


“Old movies none of us want to see”, if u like a movie then it is u r choice let it be bad brand new movie but you dont have to talk for others. There are many poeple who love all kinds of movies. In this website if we get great movies from different eras and it is every individual choise which to download and watch. It is unneccsary and unacceptable to deny other people’s need just because u dont like it.
P.S Scorp we are very happy with kind of films your are uplaoding. I am following you since 2009. Thank You.