Hey ALL!! If you appreciate our work & are willing to DONATE via PAYPAL, reply here plz…..

Dear Friends
Hope you all are doing good and staying at home taking all the necessary precautions to protect yourself and your family from the COVID-19 pandemic.
On our part we are trying our best to keep you entertained in these times.
Our operations are dependent upon your support, so please donate via BITCOIN or buy UL and RG accounts using our referral links.
If you would rather prefer to donate via PAYPAL then kindly reply here and we ll see how we can help you to help us.
We need your support guys so please !! Donate plz

once again Heart felt thanks to Gor , Leer, jpf55, parsleybrain, Limmy, Jpf, Jason and others for helping us.

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36 Responses to Hey ALL!! If you appreciate our work & are willing to DONATE via PAYPAL, reply here plz…..

  1. ino says:

    hi, please send detail how to donate via paypal

  2. lobsterman says:

    Please send instructions on donating using Paypal.
    Thanks scOrp!

  3. Archmay says:

    i want to help you good work..

  4. Jay says:

    Yes.. Provide me the details.

  5. dssoup says:

    Please supply a Paypal link/instructions

  6. j2quan says:

    For any folks in Canada I use Kraken to purchase BTC. Here’s the quick dirty steps:
    – Sign up for Kraken. You can get Fiat currency (Cash $$$) into your account via wire transfer (via Credit Union Atlantic) or up to $500 via Canada post. Search for “How to deposit Canadian Dollars (CAD) using domestic bank transfers”.
    – Once you get Fiat into your account you can then purchase BTC-CAD.
    – For added security (although I don’t really know if this helps at all) I then have a separate BT wallet. I ended up using Samourai, but you can choose what works best for you.
    – Send BTC-CAD from Kraken to my wallet.
    – Once it registers in my wallet I then send it to sC0rps wallet.

    • scOrp says:

      Many Many Many Thanks for the donation mate
      and kudos for the tutorial
      God bless

      • j2quan says:

        Glad to help. A few other notes for fellow Canadians:
        – Bitcoin is called “XBT” in Kraken. So after you deposit CAD Fiat you need to purchase XBT-CAD.
        – Canada Post IPP (In Person Payment) is probably the easiest way to fund your account. Up to $500 CAD using this method and the fees are quite low.
        – Domestic wire transfer from you bank usually has a flat fee so might be worth it.

  7. j2quan says:

    You’re always appreciated sC0rp. I was so happy when you decided to give it another go. I’ll be sending another chunk of BTC shortly and will try to contribute regularly.

  8. scOrp says:

    Sincere thanks to the people who have donated.
    @ All do chip in once a while

  9. scOrp says:

    Do chip in guys, donate via paypal , reply here plz
    Help us to help you get good small sized quality content via a safer route .

  10. Junichiro says:

    Scorp, why not sign up with Brave’s BAT? Every month one could donate a few. Anything would do!

  11. Agitya says:

    I can’t open download link “Kings Speech” (2010)…
    What should I do???

  12. Jran74 says:

    You do amazing work! Let me know how.

  13. jpf55 says:

    Yes please

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