My Review of fantastic Beasts 2 – ***_-

Yep i would rate it as a pretty average movie. 2.8 stars only
heres why
It had great promise but in the end you feel not much happened in it :(, felt as if they just stretched a small incidence with no substance into a full blown movie.
Just a ploy to develop some characters which i didn’t find interesting at all.
pretty average treatment really.
They didnt mesmerize us enough with all those magical characters like in the first movie.

Apart from the first sequence of the escape of Grindelwald nothing impressed me really.
Johnny boy is no match for the menacing Voldemort not at all.
No screen time was given to Jude Law at all as the young Dumbledore.
It felt as if bits and pieces were sewn together no way near even to the weakest Potter movie.

Apart from the true identity of Credence, nothing spectacular happened in this lull of a movie.

That doesn’t mean it was a bore, you can watch it once and gonna forget as soon as you are in the parking lot to get your car LOL 😉

My 2 cents

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well these observations hold true for all recent movies in every genre. exceptions are always there but as a movie watcher that watches well over 200 movies every year i can say that the last comment of scorp where u forget the movie as soon u end it is spot on.

u can read reviews, see the imdb rating, the cast whatever if the sum is not greater than its parts then u know it is going to be average at best and only u can judge it!