New 6 Channel audio file for The Wolf Of Wall Street 1080p and 720p

A couple of guys complained of issues with the 6 channel audio in the wolf of wall street
so here is another file with different encoder settings , i am hoping this one will be compatible with all sorts of hardware out there.
just select this audio while playing your media




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11 Responses to New 6 Channel audio file for The Wolf Of Wall Street 1080p and 720p

  1. iProvide says:

    Dear scOrp,

    I really have to thank you for your wonderful efforts over the past so many years. God! How hard it is to fulfill so many wishes you get everyday!

    You have a nice heart I must admit you are quite devoted.

    Mate, just a BIG thank you from a user like me, who understands “hard work”.

    God bless! Prosper!

  2. Os says:

    Please reupload on zippyshare. The file was deleted already 🙁

  3. Tavarwisa says:

    Thanks for,,, zippy was registering 8 hours to download, until the downloads eventually timed out mmmm

  4. samira says:

    tnx very much for uploaded

  5. MNM says:

    tnx verrrry much

  6. meisam says:

    me too

    I cannot download from

  7. samira says:

    please upload in
    i can’t download from

  8. Imran Siddiqi says:

    Thanks bro!……

  9. onlavu says:

    bix thx for separated 6ch audio!

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