Gimme the feedback for the new Penny Dreadful S03E01 480p rip

As you guys may have noticed , Today i have posted a 480p rip after a very long time .
I am very happy with the quality to size ratio of this. Pretty decent for just 200MB
I would appreciate if you folks can download the episode and add your comments here regarding its quality , both in terms of audio and video.
If this suits to you all ( coz i found it at par with a 720p HDTV Tv show rips 😛 ) the to save some more bandwidth I can re encode more in 480p at least the TV shows 🙂


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The quality was great.
I have a slow net connection and pay by GB so smaller size makes a lot of difference for me.
As a result, 480p for TV series would be more appealing.


Please just upload 720p or 1080p rip only.

There’s no need to post 480p rip so to save bit of bandwidth,
since the amount saved is negible.

Also ppl prefer to keep 720p or 1080p for their collection.


it’s very good, thank you for you hard work


I download lots of shows, (I mean LOTS and LOTS). Crisp 480p rips of 1 hour shows with a size between 180 and 250 Mb are plentiful now (I’m thinking —– rips). I downloaded your Penny Dreadful, and it is certainly very good and equal to those rips.

However, shows that have low lighting like “Penny Dreadful” , “The Knick” and “Sherlock Holmes” or that have few outdoor scenes like “Game of Thrones” or “Daredevil” still remain a bit fuzzy around the edges in 480p and I prefer to watch them in 720p.

What YOU manage to do, that NO ONE ELSE seems able to do (at least that I haven’t encountered yet) is to produce crisp 720p rips of under 500Mb per hour of viewing. There are dozens of 720p rips of Game of Thrones out there exceding 1 and even 2Gb and even more 480p rips between 200 and 300mb. Only you seem to be able to keep a 720p rip under 500mb/hour.

Just sayin’… 😀