EAC3 vs AC3 – please check these two samples and let us know

EAC3 is Enhanced ac3 or Dolby Digital Plus
Ac3 is Dolby Digital

Obviously Eac3 is superior to ac3, provided your hardware supports that,
Hence its just an experiment to find out your opinion regarding the audio.
please let us know how they both sound to you and if at all your hardware is able to decode and play the audio.

Please Note : these are re encodes of the re encode might not do justice , will upoload better samples in a bit
RG Download
NF Download
CnU download

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aac is the best its accepted by all players while ac3 and eac3 arent and give huge issues quite often


none of the movies ripped with ac3 or eac3 audio work i use emby and the audio either stutters or it just doesn’t work at all and aac is fine crips and clear i have 2.0 audio through my reciever that comes out as 5.1 because i have 2 channels and 6 speakers hooked up its an old reciever that doesn’t have hdmi or optical audio just the red and white cable in fromthe tv and the audio is great its loud and nothing wrong with aac at 320 and 48000..


i am not complaining about your audio you can keep it what you have it as i convert my videos even though i get them from sites. i convert them as what i like and can use. if i keep it as the defult it doesn’t work right. let say a 5.1 audio i can hear it but it is really low since i have a 2.1 reciever which is odd since it has dd and atmos settings but it doesn’t have optical nor hdmi idk but i convert my videos like i said to what works for me. and as for upgrading my equipment i would but that takes a lot of money in which i don’t have any so thats not an option if i had that kind of money i wouldn’t be getting free movies right…

you aksed a simple question about audio and i gave you my answers to your question but if you would have asked about the audio in your videos i wouldn’t have answered..

have a good day


Thanks for the samples. I -offtopic- prefer 2ch QAAC VBR Q64
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