It seems … :(

Hey All !!
It seems we may have to shut our operations soon owing to extreme financial crunch, more so after a major setback today.
As the donations have totally dried in last few months, We might not be able to continue after all.
Take care

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Just purchased 180 days of rapidgator through your referral link, hope you get something from it


okay ready to donate again. am going to send via paypal. just e-mail me to make sure everything is correct.


I’ll be able to donate next paycheck. I got my old hdd working and have a bunch of your backups from around 2010 – 2013. I could offer them somehow just let me know.


yeah the only ones that you had with 5.1 and 1080p was Elysium, Hunger Games, and Percy Jackson sea of monsters back then.


Very sad to hear that. Hope you manage to sort it out


I see that you have included CnU links for some of the supporters here! That’s very kind of you to include them although I don’t use them myself.

The pandemic has really slowed movie productions and in turn, movies for us to watch I just hope everything gets back to normal.