After a lot of thought, testing, sampling & encoding… x265 is the choice for all 1080p BR releases from now on…

As you all must have noticed, I have been updating a lot of classic 1080p rips along with newer recent ones too..
Since past few days I have been doing a lot of research to zero in on a decent size and quality combination and after a lot of thought and research I have decided that to have a good quality video along with a pretty compact size its wise to move the 1080p BR encoding to x265. Another thing that made the final push was when i watched a few of them myself.

See If we really want crisp looking videos then the size of a x264-1080p should always be above 2.7GB at least which is too much for my taste.. after-all we like 1080p for the crisp video with a lot of details and smooth high motion sequences..


( just to give an idea about difference in quality : I have encoded Nightcrawler both in x265 and x264 1080p , go through them and see for yourself )


I know a lot of you still like the old school x264 for hardware compatibility but x265 is way way way more efficient as it produces far greater qulaity at even lower bitrate so better qulaity at smaller size  hence I am now fairly certain that I ll do all the 1080p rips with x265 from now on.

( i have already encoded another 10 rips or so with x264 so will post them gradually , but starting from now all 1080p re encoding will be in x265.)
A lot of effort , time and resources are being put into these 8GB to 20GB size sources so the outcome should satisfy me and you all hence x265 is the right choice.
A Similar poll is being run on our twitter handle as well just to have ideas from all quarters..



I feel 1080p rips should be in x265 format for better quality and compact size ! Whats your opinion ????

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KINDLY NOTE : Although I am all for x265 but if at all it comes to x264 then the size will be increased by about another 500MB at least so that we can have great quality

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Im not sure if x264 or x265 will help the matter, but notice with web download rips , that the frames occasionally freeze sometimes throughout entire movie (at least on xBox with vlc or media player)

This problem does not exist with the bluray rips.


Hi Scorp,

720p x264 always works well in all system when compared to 1080p which will always won’t work for all. For more than 10 years 720p rips done by has always worked. Please continue the same. Even I am missing many recent rips of your because it is in 1080p. Please don’t leave us behind. Thanks as always


Please don’t do that scorp.
My TV does not play x265. There is no point for me (and probably many others) to have x265 rips.
If you are determined, at least could you do an additional 720p x264 rip for those?