An Update about x265 encodes and x264 encodes in terms of WDLs , WEBrips & BRs

The WDL sources are kinna iffy so often hence instead of doing them in x264, I am again switching back to x265 codec so that rips are done according to the quality of the source.
Air your opinion plz


Here is an elaboration of my opinion with help from ERO 🙂


Network movies WDL : Netflix, Amzn Prime Etc – x264 for greater acceptance and good sources.
Mainstream Movies WDL : x265 as BR releases within next few days, unless there is a AMZN WDL which will be done in x264 ( take example of The Way Back , Bloodshot & The gentlemen – when a substandard source in WEBrip or WDL came it was done in x265 but as soon as high quality AMZN-WEB-DLs came out I again did them in x264 🙂

TV Shows : all the TV shows that i do which are currently running will be done in 720p x264 if at all a show is done in x265 then it will be 1080p – the sources would always be WDLs , though they come roughly 6 hrs after the WEBrip or HDTV sources but they are far far better, hence x264 for all BR and AMZN or NF WDL sources

Hope this ll make you all happy 🙂

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I really loved x 264 as my blueray player couldnt read x265. Anyway, i still dont mind x 265 if the majority are all for it, I’m just watching it on my laptop. 😀


Please keep x264!


A simple Yes Please for me.


There are multiple WDL categories:

– TV series: WDL would the best source for a very long time until BR season release (often over a year later)

– Mainstream Movies: WDL is followed by BR within a very short period (often days later)

– Network Movies: These will never have BR and their final release is WDL (e.g. Netflix Movies)

In case of mainstream movies, WDL is an interim release and x265 would be fine, IMHO.



TBH, in case of mainstream movies, I think WDL can be missed altogether as the BR will come often after a few days.