Hope you like the simplified links , and new rips !!! Do Help us to entertain you better :)

Hey All 🙂
how you doin ? 🙂

As We had mentioned earlier, to improve your browsing experience and to make things simple for all , we have toned down the usage of LINKSHRINK, now just the main rtify download page’s link is encrypted, the download links of uploaded as well as Rapidgator are not being encrypted anymore.

according the the polls its clear that majority of people around 65% ( 48%+17% ) seems to be okay with x264, so we ll try and post x264 as much as possible, but we are also of the opinion that x265 is pretty efficient and people should try and look for media players as well as hardware devices that support x265.

You may have noticed that we are trying our level best to post the latest ( worthy enough ) stuff as soon as they are coming out , re adding the older as well ( but at a slower pace )

Now the question is ARE YOU FOLKS DOING YOUR BIT to help your TEAM and site .
We have mentioned many a times in the past that without your donations our operations will ultimately come to a stand still, So PLEASE be generous about buying Uploaded accounts using our referral

On our part we ll try and entertain you to the best of our ability 🙂


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10 Responses to Hope you like the simplified links , and new rips !!! Do Help us to entertain you better :)

  1. Kira says:

    Most newer TVs have an inbuilt media player and supporting X265/h265 over the USB port, placed on the backside of the TVs.
    Thanks to the small size, nearly every USB-stick is useable to connect.

  2. Teh Tai Ring says:


    Welcome back from your break.

  3. ERO says:

    There is an unclosed bold tag in this topic which cusses the entire blog page to become bold.

  4. Gweilo says:

    Thanks for X264. X265 is great in theory, but my hardware can’t do it.
    And Linkshrink is a curse, so many times it just gives me nothing but ads and popups and never delivers the links at all. It’s totally unreliable.

  5. X says:

    Please at least keep doing x265 for TV shows..
    Many other scene groups are doing x265 now especially for TV shows.

    Many new media players/boxes now support x265.
    And you can just turn your pc into a htpc would also work.

    I also think many people don’t mind giving you revenue fhrough ads but many people are weary of buying a single account from one host since it would not always be used by other groups or uploaders…

  6. ERO says:

    Thank you scorp

  7. Pete says:

    Hi Scorp

    We really don’t mind clicking links which bring you revenue 😉
    Been a loyal downloader since 2010 and will keep supporting you.


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