uploaded users ? are you ok with SINGLE links or you want Split files back as well

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32 Responses to uploaded users ? are you ok with SINGLE links or you want Split files back as well

  1. Nawa says:

    Single please. Thanks for the great work

  2. parsleybrain says:

    Hi scorp, didn’t you say somewhere you’d accept webmoney as well? is this the russian site? how does it work?

    • scOrp says:

      Yep thats the one.
      all you need to do is register for a purse there and you can fund it and then send money
      I ll share the full process in a couple of days with you 🙂

  3. Satish Gupta says:

    Split Files please

  4. Andy says:

    Single link please!!!

    • scOrp says:

      AS I said , I have decided to add uploaded and rapidgator SINGLE as well as SPLIT links as before
      But the community has to help as i ll have to buy extra storage

  5. Alex says:

    Split files pls! With large files if there is an error we need to try it again, but with the slit ones we just take the file we need.

  6. amia says:

    Single link

  7. Alibobo says:

    I used to love splitting file alot due to my low bandwidth; but right now having a Uploaded acc made me easier and I just use the single one 😉 THanks for your working, scorpy, really appreciate that

  8. angela99 says:

    I use single file

  9. AMER says:

    Split files please. thanks in advance !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Raj says:

    Pls provide both options (single link and split file links) because users in some countries do not have fast and/or stable internet connection.

  11. Delia says:

    If somebody is afraid of extra work, I use JDownloader 2.
    I just copy the posted link to clipboard, and minutes later (in case of premium) all split files are downloaded and unrared to one file. Because of actually no extra work, I would choose split files, just to give everyone the chance to download also huge files.

  12. Joe says:

    Single link is fine for me too

  13. Sal says:

    Split files please. thanks in advance

  14. Eugene says:

    Writing from Romania – where the internet speed is heavenly. Single link is very welcome and enough for me.

  15. Sen says:

    Split files please because in my country the internet speed still going up and down. Thank you also for your hard work

  16. y3climber says:

    Single link is fine for fast networks, but rapidgator fails single links for slow networks, such as mine!

    My suggestion, single link + 150MB links for slow connections, as used to be.

  17. ToeJ says:

    Don’t have problem with single link and I would prefer it this way.

    When there is multi links, the single link is just more convenient.

  18. Whu says:

    Single links, of course

  19. Peter says:

    My WLan connection is not stable for so many hours, so i have had to download the one or other split file in the past, sometimes more than one per movie, specially the bigger 1080s. Now the 1080 files are around 1,2GB and more, I can’t manage them.
    Would really like to know what is easier in case of a single link, for winrar its the same unrar a singel file or part files!.

  20. H2O says:

    Single is fine 🙂

  21. Hack says:

    Hi, for 700mb movies, single file is fine. But for bigger files, would need split files back – if its possible. Thank you.

  22. amgnum says:

    single link woo hoo!!!

  23. peter says:

    Low bandwidth user here, I’d be happy with split files.
    Don’t need to be 150 mb, up to 400-500 usually works without network errors and multiple download attempts.

  24. Sws says:

    Single Link.

  25. ERO says:

    IMO, problem with single file is that if a file is corrupted during the download, the WHOLE thing has to be downloaded again while with multi-part files, only the small file has to be downloaded again.
    People on slow net connection would prefer multi-part since keeping the connection for a long time is often not possible.

  26. JPF says:

    single is fine

  27. ahmed rifat says:

    im ok
    thank you a lot

  28. Phoen1x says:

    I have been only downloading single links. So my vote goes to them.

  29. Kira says:

    My suggestion is, one single file should not be bigger than 700MB, Winrar works fine in both cases and low bandwith people would be thankful.

    Best regards

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