The HUmbling (2014) 720p – WDL – x265-HEVC – 475MB – scOrp

Please Note this is a x265-HEVC encoding : use MEDIA PLAYER CLASSIC or VLC PLAYER to play this.

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[IMDB Rating]:………………[ 7.0 /10 | 411 votes | Top 250 #none
[FORMAT]:…………………..[ Matroska
[GENRE]:……………………[ Comedy | Drama
[RESOLUTION]:……………….[ 1280*528
[LANGUAGE ]:………………..[ English
[SUBTITLES]:………………..[ none
[RELEASE RUNTIME]:…………..[ 01:46:00
[SOURCE]:…………………..[ 720p.WDL
[SAMPLE]:…………………..[ None
[ENCODERS NOTES]:……………[, Although small sized re encoding is a flawed concept but still we always strive very very hard to preserve MAXIMUM DETAILS within our rips. Hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoy working on em

n aged and addled actor has his world turned upside down after he embarks upon an affair with a lesbian, in this acidulous adaptation of the Philip Roth novel


password : 300mbunited   

RAR PASSWORD : ultrascorp    




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15 Responses to The HUmbling (2014) 720p – WDL – x265-HEVC – 475MB – scOrp

  1. relinked says:

    Playability: There are no problems on MS Windows and Android based systems with x265. My Ubuntu sucks (VLC on Linux drops behind other OSes).
    Quality: your x265-preset has a loss of details. Compared to another x265 encoding-site (i already mentioned/wrote to you), your x265-preset has a 25%-31% larger filesize outcome and has not more details.

    From every source and by all encodings <500 MB i have seen the x265 have less details, contrast and color space in dark areas.
    Especially your slow-8-reframes-x264-preset is better in details and in still scenes as doom9 and a lot of other forums confirm.
    But yours and other <500mb x265-presets have a better quality and are more fluently in moved scenes compared to x264. Expecially fast moved action scenes.

    My opinion is also confirmed in doom9 and a lot of other forums.

    Write, if i can help with optimizing presets…

  2. jlp34876 says:

    I cant seem to access any linkshink link.

  3. dna says:

    how about you guys add torrent features in this site? it will be awesome .

  4. fhflorian says:

    Hey again with proper email! Just ran a few testes and i noticed the cpu load increases about 40-50%. 3-4% => 5-8%. Compering x264/x265 John Wick. I still guess with these low bitrates < 2000kbps decoding should be no problem on any machine. The one big exception is bluray / standalone players. There are still litte to none which support the codec. But even USB x264 playback is still a problem with some bluray players. x265 is relativly new standard and i guess theres still alot of room for improvement. But someone has to be the early adopter and who else if not 300mbunited 😉

    And something i forgot in the first comment:
    Thanks alot for continuous work and commitment!
    Much appreciated!

  5. Ray says:

    The quality is superb not to mention the size advantage over your regular encodes.

    Given a choice of encodes all being equal quality, x265 would be the one to choose. I would like to see a 1080 HEVC rip soon.

    Thank you!

  6. dao says:

    x265 totally beat x264, 400kbps hevc video has same quality as 800kbps x264 video, so it make hevc smaller than x264 video. and if use high bitrate, the hevc video is splendid! you can make the lord of the rings trilogy hecv version for sample, the graphic is so breathtakingly beautiful.

  7. M.R. says:

    I dled John Wick, quality vs size is great, and the quality is very much like your 264 rips if not better in some scenes,
    i use kmplayer.
    Many thanks.

  8. fhflorian says:

    The quality/size ratio is amazing!!! 450mb for this quality! Its 1/10 dvd and better quality! With VLC i have no trouble playing and my rig is not the best. But i guess it takes way longer to encode? Or are the encoders getting better?

    • scOrp says:

      I have dug your comment out of spam folder , if you wont add proper name and proper email then your comments are gonna go straight to spam folder.
      as far as the encoding time goes well dont worry , if the quality is similar or may be better than my usual x264 encodes then once a while some extra time is worth it 🙂
      the thing is i need genuine feedback from all quarters , and all countries where these riops are being downloaded.
      as of now i am getting responses from asian countries only and they all are happy with the hammered size , but these should be accepted from people from all countries as well as people who use my rips on all kinds of media players be it a PC , lappy or a standalone player

  9. Mandarin says:

    Thanks. This is awesome. But the question is, are you going to do more HEVC encodes?

    • scOrp says:

      see x265 is just gonna add upto my load , so i am not that inclined to devote time on something which just a few people can enjoy .
      these were done as i just happen to be having enough time thats it

      would like you guys’s opinions on the quality and quality vs size 🙂

  10. dao says:

    x265 is the future, glad you are going to use it.

  11. David says:

    thannk u.
    scorp are u want do always x264 and x265 for every movie?

  12. logger says:


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