Support !!!

Hello All

We just wanted to update that there has been no donation whatsoever since we started the bitcoin / C card Donation option,
just one singular donation of 4.6$ only till now .
Also there has been no sale of any uploaded account from past 3 weeks or so
This will be lil difficult for us to manage it all.

Even if 1 % of the daily visitors take initiatives and make donations or buy uploaded accounts as donation , we will be thankful.
Without donations and/or sale of uploaded accounts it will be very difficult folks.

so help us so that we can help all 🙂


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24 Responses to Support !!!

  1. NW says:

    Disregard last message, after 44 mins my simple voucher indicated unpaid, so no idea what happend. however, now seems the voucher is invalid. I have yet to check my card again though, so I’ll wait and see.

    It would be great if you could find a better solution to this crappy over complicated and not working Bitcom.

    Lots of us really want to give back to you brother!

  2. NW says:

    Hey Sc0rp,

    Mate I have been trying to donate thru Bitcom, Friggin hell mate seriously what a joke. I bought a simple voucher twice, twice they have crashed, with my latest trial, stuck in limbo. Yes on the simple voucher checker it has said processing for about an hour.

    The money has gone out of my card, but not anywhere. I now have to try and retreive it from somewhere. I just wished you would make it easy for us to give. I guess I just lost $60 or maybe twice that, trying to get my donation to you. F#@%!

    sorry mate, I’ll try and find it but if no good then i’ll send you the key I was given, maybe you’ll have more luck in finding the money.

    I sent it thru the contact us box!

  3. don says:

    great job guys.. tried to donate through that bitcoin thingy ..not working ! .. i do have a multi hoster account .. would like to help though

  4. sChoLli says:

    I would love to buy my uploaded accounts through here but I don’t like the way you’re responding to suggestions.

    I already wrote 3 support tickets taht I’D gladly contribute but only if you could upload more 1080p 5.1 rips.

    So there goes my next 6 months subscription to no one!


  5. tipu sultan says:

    brother i live bangladash who i can donate for you becuse bangladash goverment rulls AlertPay only supart Thanks

  6. xero says:

    i from malaysia.

    i dont have paypal / c.card.

    any other way to donate without buy premium acc?

  7. KISHORE says:

    Hi Scorp, I just clicked on the latest post SWEET WATER and from the links page, I used
    and clicked on 6 months subscription. I already did 3 months back through the same referral link now that it was expired, I subscribed for 6 months. I am very sure about this. I’m sorry if this hasn’t helped. Thank you.

    • scOrp says:

      @ KISHORE : this is our referral link
      and i am sure there has been no referral buying thru us since last 3 weeks may be more 🙁

      @ Nowher : bitcoin and uploaded , they are the only options
      apart from that there aint nothin ,

      no worries though ,
      happy to see the folks happy 😀

  8. tony says:

    Hi Thanks for great work

    as it has been mentioned with others upload link is in diffrent , I mean it is not english and for me I dont mind chip in 5 , 10 bucks once while but honest can not figure out how to do it , I am from canada.

  9. KISHORE says:

    Hi Scorp.. Big fan of your work. Thanks a lot for all your releases. Just bought 6 months through the referral link. Hope my small contribution helps this site in some way or the other. Thanks.

  10. gbnz says:

    hey scorp… how safe is bit coin… cz Im more than happy to make a donation through that if its safe 🙂 ?

  11. gbnz says:

    Hi… cheers for all your work scorp… I bought my RP Premium account through here. Which Ive had for a few years… does the RP account still generate funds for you guys?

    • scOrp says:

      @gbnz :
      well RP net has been our biggest supporters and troubleshooters since day one ,
      We dont get anything out of the rp net accounts sales ,
      but their support in our times of crisis has been phenomenal, and we are indebted to the great help they have been extending to us and the whole united team,
      If you are using RPNet then keep using , they are best at what they do 🙂 and we wish them more growth and prosperity 🙂

  12. Evilaard says:

    Well, we can’t buy every month a 3 month subscription, but it’s better for you if we buy a monthly subscription. So Next time I buy, I’ll start doing that.
    You’ll get money more frequent and it will be more long term.

    Can you put a refferal link for uploaded in the side bar btw?

  13. scOrp says:

    well it doesnt matter really , you can buy long or short term accounts, the referral is the same percentage , but we would highly appreciate if people can buy frequently, and of longer durations .

    If we have been able to help you , entertain you then you should regularly donate by way of uploaded .

    at present just 3 or 4 accounts per month are selling and there is 0 response to the bitcoin thingy .

    this all has to be self sufficient otherwise it will die soon.
    The team has been chipping in frequently but we just cant entertain people out of our own pockets 🙁

    so keep helping ,


  14. Evilaard says:

    Hi scOrp,

    Bitcoin isn’t an option for me either. I did recently buy an uploaded account for 3 months. But like Rahul asked you, is it better if we buy shortterm account or is it better if we buy longterm accounts? It’s not very clear from you answer.

    Kind regards.

  15. ehab says:

    please send me paypal link.

  16. Touraj says:


    If you got PayPal, I can donate you directly…
    But bitcoin is not an option for me.

    I really like to make an effort for your team, Please send me an email which i provided, give me your paypal address.

    Thanks for bringing Joy to the families by your perfect movies… I appreciated

    • scOrp says:

      well folks , PAYPAL isnt an option,

      Its not safe as far as security is concerned.
      We dont wanna mint money , but with the cold response that day isnt far when we will be forced to wrap up and shut shop.

      My suggestion would be to buy uploaded accounts see with uploaded you get a download option which we fully support plus we get our referral commissions as well, its both practical as well as secure for all .

      again reiterating without support its not gonna survive at all 🙁 and we just cant go on spending our own money .


  17. Rahul says:

    One question:

    From your point of view, does it make a difference if we frequently buy short-term Uploaded accounts using your referral link or one long-term account?

  18. Chris says:

    I support you. I got my RP Premium through here and I purchased 3 of Scorp’s programs at the Platinum level. ($25 USD times 3)

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