So No one Listened :x

A Few weeks ago we made an appeal to all the fans and outlined some information regarding the frequent queries that we receive.
But its so frustrating that no one actually paid any attention at all.

We would like to again request you guyz
1.. Plz read the instructions below and stop sending the same queries again and again over CRC or password errors, type of links, requests ( as we are alreday doing the best we can ) and stuff

Dear Fans

Despite all the info being there at the bottom of each post, people have been asking same questions again and again via contact form.

PLEASE NOTE ( and dont forget )

1.. There is no need and no functionality on to login or make account. All the content is visible to all by default, except for the download link pages where you need to add 300mbunited as password to view the download links.
2.. We are not having any page at facebook, Just a recently revived page at TWITTER only.
3.. We dont have TORRENTS for our stuff and we dont intend to as well.
4.. All the files are uploaded to a few sharing hosts like RAPIDSHARE … ,  you can use them as free usesr which require some captchas and waiting periods or you can purchase PREMIUM ACCOUNTS from these hosts to download the files uninterrupted – or you can purchase a premium account as well to download from them.
5.. If you are getting wrong password or CRC errors while unraring the rarsets then the most common reason is that one or more of your downloaded parts got corrupt while downloading,
Plz rt click part 1 > hit test archive > enter password provided > and see which parts are corrupt > redwonload them
6.. Apart from contact form there is no way one can contact us
7.. Site owners and professionals plz dont send advertsing or link exchange offers to us as we are encodwers by hobby and not to earn money with this
8.. We have disabled our FORUM as it was increasing the load on the server plus way too much SPAMMING was being done in there, and WE HATE SPAM just like you guyz !!!
9.. Lot of guyz ask us why do we rar (especially scOrp ) diff rar parts into one single file, the reason is suppose the single link get corrupt while downloading then after extraction one can download the corrupt parts only from 100MB rar parts , this way no one will have to waste bandwidth in downloading the full single file again.



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