Next up : Wolverine and paranoia 720p : gimme like 3 hrs

have fun

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15 Responses to Next up : Wolverine and paranoia 720p : gimme like 3 hrs

  1. xero says:

    do anything as u want scorp
    u still the best!!!

  2. vahid says:

    It would be so nice that you increase every action movie you encode to 1000 kbps bitrate
    it will be fascinating

  3. rwdy says:

    plz upload The Wolverine (2013) 1080p – 5.1-AUDIO EXTENDED – **GB – scOrp

  4. johny says:

    please upload 100mb links of upcoming movies.

  5. rwdy says:

    1080p with 6 Channels is best….

  6. Alex Mercer says:


  7. Alex Mercer says:

    please upload The Wolverine 1080p.
    nice work boss.
    sCorp FYW.

  8. JoKeR says:


    That’s right 🙂

  9. rottka says:

    I said it in main thread. As Jack and other state here, I think it’s better to keep different files like this:

    – 720p+stereo
    – 1080p+multichannel

    Any one interested can remux in the combination they want later.


  10. Tavarwisa says:

    I would go for 1080p 6CH, I have found it to be mmm awesome sound … but as i said before, scOrp re-encodes have the best sound be it 720p or 1080p, i love them 😉

  11. Jack says:

    Agree with Joker and don’t compare 720p with 1080p. 1080p has more pixels. You should provide 1080p with 6 Channels and 720p with 2 audio tracks if you can 🙂
    Thanks for your hard work, budd.

  12. JoKeR says:

    Please add Stereo audio too, cause some people and i use headphones, the sound of 6Ch doesn’t come good in headphones.

  13. JoKeR says:


    That’s awesome about video bitrate but 6Ch is not a good for 720p or you should 2 audios.

  14. Tavarwisa says:

    Take your time buddy, I know you can deliver scOrp 😉

    • scOrp says:

      As a few people have asked this ,
      so for a change I’ll be encoding wolverine 720p with 6 channel audio and at 1000 kbps bitrate ,
      TBH i have a very big screen at home and whenever i have used the 720p encodes of mine , they have looked great , but still on popular demand gonna encode the WOLVERINE with higher bit rate and 128kbps 6 channel audio.
      Lets see how many would ask for the 1080p after that 😛
      will be sharing a few samples too for the fans so that they can decide if 1080p is still required ;P

      Stay Glued and tuned folks !!!
      and do Help us and donate plz

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