New Post format or the lack of it :P

Hey All
You all must be wondering about the utterly concise posts that i ahve been making .
The thing is i am pretty busy with REAL LIFE work and stuff, so instead of not posting anything , i decided to save time by providing you guyes with the Download page links
Hope this is Ok with for you all.
Take care

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8 Responses to New Post format or the lack of it :P

  1. alper says:

    is it possible to share which source you used. to find correct subtitle.

  2. Yahuxd says:

    Its alright brother as long as you keep releasing, Hell we only need the title and the download links.

  3. Philipp says:

    Completely understood. Your work is much appreciated!

  4. Farid says:

    It’s ok bro. Enjoy Your life. Thanks a lot for Your hard works to served us.

  5. rottka says:


    It’s OK although in the “Dope” page there is no links even.


  6. jack says:

    it’s ok scOrp…
    but at least tell us the source you use ..
    thanks for your hard work.. 🙂

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