Lets keep this alive folks !!! support us plz .

Hey all
How you doin 😀
well, 😀 been a while since my last appeal , but seriously… guys !! give some support, buy some uploaded accounts using our link (click here).
We need your help, now more than ever
have fun !!!

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8 Responses to Lets keep this alive folks !!! support us plz .

  1. DJNR says:

    tried to purchase an upload as mine is due today but the link does not work

  2. Sergei says:

    You really should consider finding cheaper file hosting or other donation mechanism.
    For 10 euro/month i can have 3x HBO in HD from satellite with HBO GO access, which means i can legally watch same movies with few months delay.

  3. Hjrivera says:

    Hi scOrp, I Got a 3-months Uploaded account today to support you. But I have a concern related to the link hosting site you’ve been using recently… the OUO.IO site. That site is pure crap, there’s no way to get the links as with the Linkshrink site you used before for a long time. Linkshrink is superior by far, with less risks of viruses and is more manageable. The OUO.IO site give me an alert message from my internet provider that it was spreading a Virus, and that is not good at all!!! At least I’m protected…
    Please, go back to the original link host, Linkshrink!!!

  4. Julio says:

    Hi Scorp

    We would not mind clicking more ads if you want. Buying a hosting service premium account is not worth the cost these days with the abundance of alternatives.

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