Keep supporting us !!!

It feels bad really to repeatedly cry out that the funds are in bad shape .
last month just 2 accounts were sold through our uploaded referral.
If we arent good enough then its fine , but if we have been able to entertain you then please DONATE generously and hlpe us help you !! by buy premium fresh accounts using our referral link.


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6 Responses to Keep supporting us !!!

  1. Evilaard says:

    I just bought a new account. I hope the refferal is in order 🙂

  2. Evilaard says:

    I couldn’t buy a new account today, my credit card was blocked because my card details were copied… Luckely no money was stolen 🙂 I’ll have a card in a couple of days and not long after a new account 🙂

    Keep up the good work in the mean time!!

  3. parsleybrain says:

    The same here. I mean last time they didn’t except my credit cards with a new account so I had to renew the old one. Nevertheless I’m going to try to buy a new account. But since I’m always buying a half year acoount mine is due only in 6 weeks….hopefully you guys still will be around here in 6 weeks.

  4. Evilaard says:

    My premium for uploaded ends tomorrow. I will make a new emailaddress for a new account. Last time something went wrong, hopefully this won’t be the case this time.

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