File Host Update : Only Uploaded and Rapidgator : No Byte-whale

As you all know recently, about a month back we started endorsing BYTE-Whale as third host, But due to some conflicting reports about the host as well as feedback from the users in general we have decided against using it as third host. Based on this we have decided to stop its use with immediate effect.

we know, the 2 good guys who bought Bytewhale accounts in last 1 month , this might sound as a shocker , But for them we ll keep this option open for the tenure of their accounts , BUT they need to make requests for the links they need for the posts here on , only then they will be added.

For now only Uploaded and rapidgator

Thanks for the support
and sorry for the trouble especially to the 2 guys we bought bytewhale accounts

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25 Responses to File Host Update : Only Uploaded and Rapidgator : No Byte-whale

  1. darth says:

    Scorp i need to download a 75mb file from bytewhale that is only available as a premium download. any help would be appreciated.

  2. Byte-Whale links says:

    Hi ScOrp!! Since last communication, I’ve tried to buy the Uploaded 3-month account without results. They don’t accept payments from my country anymore, and couldn’t pay using bitcoins because no one wants to sell bitcoins where I live… It’s a bummer, so I had to get the RapidShare 3-month account, which accepted my CC payment. At least I tried all means… 🙁

  3. Byte-Whale links says:

    Don’t worry, ScOrp. I’ll better buy a new account with Uploaded or RapidGator. But let us know which one is the best of the two, because I’ve been with Uploaded before and the service runs flawlessly… Any preference about these two for your share?

    • scOrp says:

      Uploaded is still the best , i wouldn’t suggest you to buy anymore than 3 months as of now,
      Thanks for your understanding mate and SORRY for putting you in such a precarious situation 🙁

  4. ByteWhale links says:

    ScOrp, I really thank you for your effort trying to give us such a fine work. But I had a problem: everytime I try to get the files from the links on ByteWhale, it gives me this error:

    File Not Approved
    This file needs to be approved by site’s staff in order to be downloaded. Please come back later.

    Is there a problem with the files uploaded or the ByteWhale service? I’m confused beyond comprehension…

    • scOrp says:

      Sorry mate , i have no idea , even i am getting that same error
      This is why i stopped them altogether in a jiffy , is there anywhere else you want where you want me to upload those files , another host may be
      send me those film names again

  5. Byte-Whale links needed says:

    ScOrp, I purchased the Byte-Whale account on March 13… I’ll be waiting patiently, because you’re the best!

  6. scOrp says:

    @jeepmaniac2 : i ll see what can be done
    hope you are not in any kind of hurry .
    can you tell the exact date when you purchased the account

  7. parsleybrain says:

    scOrp, I just bought the new Uploaded account. I hope it worked out alright and you’d get your cut.

  8. parsleybrain says:

    this is truly weird, when using chrome I can’t even see the link you just posted. so I changed to firefox and there the link provided on the right side of the page actually works as well. weird! so thanks, I’ll let you know when I’ve bought a new account.

    • scOrp says:

      yep, its been reported before as well,
      some people found it blocked in Firefox and some others in chrome
      No idea about the cause though ;P

  9. parsleybrain says:

    scOrp, the referal link for Uploaded – shown on the right side – does NOT work. The rapidgator link works fine but not Uploaded. I want to buy a new Uploaded account using your link. Can you fix it or post another referal link?

  10. jim says:

    What happened to zippy share? Did you stop using it?

  11. dego says:

    zippyshare was great though 🙁

  12. John says:


    as i told last time, don’t use bytewhale cos it is not very popular in the scene, so many won’t buy it..

    but you didn’t listen.

    Ppl will only buy a hoster that is used by many sites/uploaders so they can maximize their dollar.

    if u are not getting much purchases from upload/rapidgator, then u will definitely will get even less from bytewhale.

  13. Fan says:


    What about zippyshare?


  14. ByteWhale links says:

    Well, scOrp, I’ll be posting the links needed here… and thanks for considering us until the completion of our commitment with Byte-Whale!

  15. Ragnarok says:

    Good service, to stick with Bytewhale for the remainder of the two accounts.
    Do you think UP and RG will be long-lasting services now, i.e. “save” to buy into ?

    • scOrp says:

      Uploaded certainly seems like that
      but with hosts you never know
      continuing with UL because its widely accepted.
      We are still looking for a third more stable host, which is good and has a better affiliate structure

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