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EDIT : ( edited by scOrp ) This chatroom Topic is for sharing views and opinions , queries , reviews and stuff . All are requested to kindly refrain from quoting needless sites , other forums and stuff. Lets keep it clean , healthy and devoted 🙂


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  1. bash says:

    Guyz Fargo season 3 is here!

  2. ERO says:

    The Expanse (Syfy) has been a good and intelligent series from Syfy. It is coming to the end of 2nd season and it is renewed for season 3.
    It is worth watching both season in a row.
    Killjoys (Syfy) is another Sci-Fi series and although it is more popular than The Expanse (Syfy), IMO it is not as intelligent.
    The Blacklist: Redemption (NBC) finale is here and it may be renewed for season 2. It was OK, watchable but nothing great.
    The Good Fight (CBS) is also coming to the finale of its 1st season. It was also OK with some good cases, like the early days of The Good Wife (CBS) but not as good. It has been renewed for season 2.
    Scandal (ABC) overall has been a god series. Its 3rd season wasnt that good (when Kerry Washington was pregnant but all together, it is better than average and good for a binge watching. it is now in the middle of season 6.

  3. ERO says:

    Homeland season 6 finale didnt end well. I expected better/more. In any case, it is one of better TV series today.

    • scOrp says:

      yep, as a matter of fact it was disappointing 🙁 , the whole season was dull, things were happening but they were all so distantly related to the main story.

  4. bash says:

    scorp any chance of doing the iranian movie the salesman? bluray is already out and it did win 2 awards last year at the cannes

  5. eric says:

    Hi Scorp,

    Can you do Ouija: Origin of Evil please?

    Thank you

  6. ERO says:

    I have been waiting to watch Black Sails. Sadly, they missed ep6 and ep9 480p Webrip. The last one I have seen is ep5. 🙁

  7. bash says:

    just saw black sails finale and man i am going to miss this show!

    from season 1’s slow starts to the epic dual/vague ending of the show was a treat to watch.

    i know the show’s ending tells us onething but it is the age of discussion and even the writer and director of the show have said in an interview that the ending is whatever u believe it is.

    even the last lines by rackham are like that. meaning that what u saw as happy ending is nothing but fiction but thats again my believe.

    a special shout out to toby stephens. such a fine actor. the rest of the cast were not bad at all.

    a show which i will definitely remember for a long time! and i hope they follow this with treasure island!

  8. Alibobo says:

    Sorry, I mean tho whole show 😀

  9. Alibobo says:

    Hey scorpy, Legion’s season finale was yesterday. Will you do it?

  10. ERO says:

    I didnt find any info on a release date.

    • scOrp says:

      @ Xrunner : till the time you ll keep on posting spam messages of hello and bye , they will be marked for trash bin
      if you have anything to say then say it.
      I will approve the comment.

  11. bash says:

    hey Ero

    any info on the new show Mata Hari 2016 starring the lovely vahina giocante as mata hari. i ahve been waiting for this since ages and it seems it got released in portugal and russia according to imdb in march 2017.

    already 5 epsds are up on youtube but it is entirely russian dub and no subtitles. can we expect an english version soon?

  12. bash says:

    i watched taken first 3 epsds and got bored. it is ok but nothing special tbh

  13. ERO says:

    Taken is not bad, watchable but not great. I havent bothered with 24 Legacy.

  14. parsleybrain says:

    Is Taken and 24 Legacy any good?

    @Ero, I watched Serenity some years ago and rather liked it. Only later I discovered Firefly and thought it was quite fun.

    • scOrp says:

      Are you folks watching Designated Survivor ?
      I found it pretty good though the plot seems far fetched ;P but its tight as hell like the original 24 🙂

  15. ERO says:

    I saw Firefly (2002) BD out today. If you havent seen it, it is a very good series (for its time). Sadly, it was cancelled after one season. A movie version Serenity (2005) came out later which was equally good.
    It is well worth watching 🙂

  16. Gandalf42 says:

    Thanks ScOrp!

  17. lenbiw says:

    hello, any chance to reup to movie “Silence”?

  18. ERO says:

    Netflix is making a DEATH NOTE Movie, coming Aug 25. Death Note was a great anime. I haven’t seen the Japanese live action movie as I dont think live action movie can match the anime.

  19. bash says:

    any info on what is wrong with the other forum still? too slow the pages dont load at all.

  20. Gandalf42 says:

    Hey scOrp, is there any chance of getting a rip of the new transfer of Firestarter (collectors edition). I heard they cleaned up the video quite a bit.

  21. Alibobo says:

    TBBT’s big fan 😀

  22. ERO says:

    Some TV/Movie News …
    ‘Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn’ Renewed For Season 4
    ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Renewed Through 2019
    Season 2 Confirmed For Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge
    ‘Shades Of Blue’ Renewed For Season 3
    VH1 Renews ‘America’s Next Top Model’
    ‘The Expanse’ Renewed For Season 3
    ’12 Monkeys’ Renewed For Fourth And Final Season
    ‘The Good Fight’ Renewed For Season 2
    HBO Renews ‘Crashing’
    FX Renews ‘Legion’
    A&E Renews ‘Scientology And The Aftermath’
    ‘Training Day’ Moves To Saturdays
    Netflix Renews ‘A Series Of Unfortunate Events’
    ‘The 100’ Renewed For Season 5
    ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Renewed For Season 4
    PBS Cancels ‘Mercy Street’
    ‘Baskets’ Renewed For Season 3
    ‘Billions’ Renewed For Season 3
    ‘Taboo’ Renewed For Season 2
    The CW Renews ‘Riverdale’
    Netflix Renews ‘One Day At A Time’
    USA Cancels ‘Eyewitness’
    ‘Feud’ Renewed For Season 2
    Disney Channel Cancels ‘Best Friends Whenever’
    Syfy Cancels ‘Incorporated’
    CBS Cancels ‘Doubt’ After 2 Episodes
    History Renews ‘Six’

  23. Alibobo says:

    I dropped Iron Fist after only 2 episodes. I think it’s too average. Couldn’t compare to Marvel’s Daredevil

  24. ERO says:

    I finished Iron Fist. It was OK, watchable but average, similar to other Marvel series from Netflix.

  25. bigbro says:

    Dear Admin, when can we have the x264 version of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter?

    • scOrp says:

      i am planning to do the final scene release in x264 directly , wait for a few days, as soon as the proper source comes out , will add 🙂

  26. ERO says:

    scorp, if you are using SKGTV, it is not as good as others. ep 2 (seekbar visible at 55m51s) and 3 have small glitches. DEFLATE and ViSUM have been good in the past.
    Update: There is a proper out for e2 by DEFLATE.

  27. ERO says:

    Netflix’s Iron Fist (TV Series 2017) came out today. Let’s hope it is good.

    • scOrp says:

      yep had heard about it
      till now only 4 episodes are out in webrip 720p format
      they are being encoded at the moment in x264 at around 425 to 450Mb size

  28. ERO says:

    scOrp… Do you remember I mentioned Terry Pratchetts Hogfather 2006? Bluray has been re-posted (2 parts). It is fun movie

  29. ERO says:

    Game of Thrones (season 7) is coming July 16 with only 7 episodes.

    • scOrp says:

      Thats disappointing , they cant bloody move the story forward in 10 episodes , what on earth they are gonna do in 7.
      they seem to have lost the plot big time,
      I seriously feel the series should have ended with season 7 even if it takes 13 episodes.

  30. bash says:

    yes ero fortitude season 2 is available in full for sky box customers but for people like us it is still a week gap for every epsd. and yes it was slow but very nice show and currently i am loving the second season 6 epsds in!

    saw Taken tv premiere it was good to start with but i dont see a lot of premise from the pilot! u can only go so far…

    and finally another Great epsd from Black sails final season. seems like they are going on a high week after week! i will miss this show dearly!

  31. resynched says:

    “Fences” is out and was good

  32. ERO says:

    I have watched 2 episodes of The Blacklist: Redemption (NBC). It tries to be like Mission Impossible ie action series but it is borderline silly and unreal.
    Sadly, there are not a lot of alternatives on TV.

  33. ERO says:

    Fortitude season 2 has come out. Season 1 was interesting but very slow. I guess season 2 will also be slow but it is OK to watch the whole season together.

  34. bash says:

    so basically to get the full out of 10 bit encode u must also have a 4k tv atleast??

    yeah i think i will pass!

  35. ERO says:

    Taken (TV Series, from Luc Besson) has started… it could be good

  36. ERO says:

    10bit is not fully supported by players/TV. computers handle it but if the screen is not 10bit, it will display at 8bit which is most of the time. Anime encoders love the 10bit which can be done withx264 as well.
    10bit means more colours which is a bit stupid for Anime which is drawn with very limited colour scope. The make it Hi10 and then reduce the bitrate to 300… it doesnt make sense .. lol
    On 8bit there are 16.7 million which goes up to over 1 billion in 10bit for each pixel.
    On a 4k 20gb video and on a 4k (or more) spec TV, the richer colour may make a difference but not necessary on small-size reencodes.

  37. bash says:

    hey scorp

    just saw on another site the GOT seasons blurays done with x265 and 10 bits.

    now i know about x265 but what is the advantage of using 10 bits? instead of 8 i guess? the only answer i could find was that 10 bits plays the darker scenes much better with less pixelations in the night scenes or dark scenes.

    and lastly can 10 bits encoding be used with x264??

  38. ERO says:

    11 Jan 2017
    Taboo: EP Has Plans for Seasons Two and Three of FX TV series, though neither FX nor BBC One have renewed the series yet

  39. parsleybrain says:

    According to Wiki two more seasons are planned on Taboo. To me this feels right because I thought this story wasn’t finished yet.

  40. Alibobo says:

    Haha I love your answer, scOrp 🙂
    Taboo is coming to its end. Do you think there will be a 2nd season? I think it’s quite great but seems like it’s just a mini-series 🙁

  41. reza says:

    i have been visiting your site for a very long time. i remember downloading a lot from you and sUN and sAm and the other guy (ronin i guess) back to at least 10 years ago.
    Damn, we got old!
    i love you guys and thanks for all the hard work.

    p.s: i still dont understand your policy toward TV series! is it like whatever you feel like kind of thing? 😉

    • scOrp says:

      well , the first and foremost thing is I dont get that much time now , since working at my RL job 🙂
      secondly TV series whichever i do , i just do what i feel like doing
      many thanks for being with us
      take care

  42. DJNR says:

    Is there any chance I can get Luke Cage ser 1 in 264 format please

  43. ERO says:

    Bluray Release Dates: March
    Passengers (2016) [Adventure|Drama|Romance] 7.0/10 Metascore: 41/100 Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt, Michael Sheen (Mar 14)
    Collateral Beauty (2016) [Drama|Romance] 6.6/10 Metascore: 23/100 Will Smith, Edward Norton, Kate Winslet (Mar 14)
    A Kind of Murder (2016) [Drama|Thriller] 5.2/10 Metascore: 50/100 Patrick Wilson, Jessica Biel, Haley Bennett (Mar 21)
    Assassin’s Creed (2016) [Action|Adventure|Fantasy] 6.3/10 Metascore: 36/100 Michael Fassbender, Marion Cotillard, Jeremy Irons (Mar 21)
    Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (2016) [Adventure|Family|Fantasy] 7.6/10 Metascore: 66/100 Eddie Redmayne, Katherine Waterston, Alison Sudol (Mar 28)

  44. parsleybrain says:

    Thanks for the clarification guys, now I can stop to feel stupid and wonder if I missed something…lol. scOrp, am I wrong in thinking you did Homeland the years before?

  45. X says:

    is scorp a man or woman?

    how many ppl are part of this group?

  46. bash says:

    great idea ero!

    we all miss the other forum but it can be better here.

  47. ERO says:

    I watched ‘Gantz:O (2016)’ English Dub. The story is OK but the graphics are very good game-style CGI.

  48. ERO says:

    I had special permission 🙂

  49. parsleybrain says:

    Thanks for the info, ERO. There are some I haven’t even heard of. 🙂 How did you manage to create a new post?

    • scOrp says:

      ERO is a team member dear 🙂 he always had the privileges and permissions to make a new topic 🙂
      This should be useful
      making it sticky now 🙂

  50. ERO says:

    Some TV/Movie News …
    Fox Renews ‘Star’ For Season 2
    Fox Renews ‘Lethal Weapon’
    ‘Days Of Our Lives’ Renewed For Season 52
    Fox Renews ‘The Mick’
    ‘MasterChef’ Renewed For Season 8
    ‘The Royals’ Renewed For Season 4
    Amazon Renews ‘Goliath’
    ‘Superstore’ Renewed For Season 3
    ‘Lucifer’ Renewed For Season 3
    ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Renewed For Season 4
    ‘Scandal’ Renewed For Season 7
    ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Renewed For Season 14
    ‘Loosely Exactly Nicole’ Cancelled by MTV
    MTV Cancels ‘Mary + Jane’
    ‘Channel Zero’ Renewed Through Season 4
    Netflix Renews ‘Travelers’
    Netflix Renews ‘Love’ for Season 3
    Netflix Renews ‘The OA’
    ‘The Insider’ Cancelled After 13 Years
    A&E Revives ‘Cold Case Files’
    ’60 Days In’ Renewed Through Season 4
    ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ Renewed For Season 14
    NBC Renews ‘The Good Place’
    ‘Red Oaks’ Renewed For Final Third Season
    ‘Mozart In The Jungle’ Renewed For Season 4
    Freeform Orders More ‘Young & Hungry’ Season 5 Episodes
    ‘The Middle’ Renewed For Season 9
    ‘The Librarians’ Renewed For Season 4
    ‘Top Chef’ Renewed For Season 15
    NBC Reviving ‘Will & Grace’

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