Are you guys interested in the DVDScrs ?? a few have come more coming

In run up to the academy awards a lot of dvdscrs will be coming in next few days , a few have alreday released .
All are highly rated movies .
You guys want me to re encode them ??
quality will be below average for obvious reasons

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not these days any longer. Thanks for asking anyway


the 3 movies you just put out are screeners.. the quality is great, so i don’t get where everyone thinks quality is low.
A screener is to be reviewed for an award, why would they send them a shit quality video to review?
they wouldn’t so the screeners that are low quality aren’t screeners just a fake that someone labeled a screener.


I actually would love to download them . because often we have to download big file size for these dvd scr, when micro rip that we love are even more interetsing for this format. we loose less in quality.
And these oscar movies are the only dvdscr I would download, because they are all great movies

Jack trouf

Screeners are crap quality and are available everywhere now.

James K

No need to re-encode them. Source files are fine. Thank you!

Hugy Bear

Disagree with Movies Lover. I enjoy the screeners, lets me view what everyone is talking about. On fixed income I cannot go to the movies. What do I care that there is an occasional tag line across the top as long as the quality is good. Put ’em up, I for one will d/l them.


I think it depends on the movie. For the big movies there will be a better quality later on but for some “small” movies maybe not. And the small ones are often quite good movies.


Actually I’ll wait for a better quality version 😀


Yup, would be keen as.

Movies Lover

not interested. its waste your time. no one will download it