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Do buy some uploaded or rapidgator accounts using our referral links available in the sidebar.
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Just bought 6 months at Uploaded using your link and with a different email address this time. Hope you get your cut.


I tried to find a way to send you this directly, but I cant find an email address, only this open public page.

I have been following you from about 2007/2008 and really appreciate the good and hard work you provide us.
I would love to help you money wise, but I am from poor Africa, internet is expensive here (not cheap like in France or USA) and salaries are sometimes one fifth of Europe or USA), so most of my money goes to having an internet connection. I would love to help and buy a Upload or Rapidgator account, but I cant afford it, so my questions/suggestion to you is for the other “poor Africans” like me.
1) I see you stopped the multiple small file downloads. For us in Africa, its expensive to get unlimited data ADSL lines, the ISP’s charge per gig and even if you can afford an expensive unlimited data account, they reset the connection often, so that you cant use up all their bandwidth downloading things. is limited to 50k a second in free mode, so it takes a long time to download the 850mb and larger files. If you are downloading for a long time in Africa, they reset the connection, so it has been that sometimes I have had to redownload the 850mb files 3 or 4 times, which takes away unnecessary data from my 40gig month data limit. The smaller files are the best option. I understand that it is time consuming for you to put up 150mb files, but what about 250mb or 300mb files? would that be easier for you? The ISPs sometimes reset my connection around 375mb or 400mb, so 250mb or 300mb is a great size for me.
The other problem is that some of your movies are bigger than 1gig and you cant download files on Upload and Rapidgator that are bigger than a gig, in free mode. If you do not want to do the 250mb/300mb splits, can you please split the larger than 1gig files to 950mb and the rest of the file?
Rapidgator is faster at downloading, sometimes it can go as high as 300/400k per second, but then you have to wait 2 hours between each download.
2)Do you have to use or Rapidgator? In order to download the movies quicker, I download 1 small file from and one from Rapidgator simultanously. With Rapidgator the capcha is quick. but with I had to do FORTEEN (14) capcha’s and then sometimes the photos dont load and you have to start all over again, it took me 30mins just to do that on
Why not use Zippyshare? its fast, you can download more than 1mb a second or almost the maximum of your line speed. There are no download limits and no queues ( this is for the free user accounts ).
I understand that you need donations, but why not help even your “poor” brothers from Africa out? I am sure you can get referral money with Zippyshare too? if not, is there no way that you can have the single large 1 file downloads on and Rapidgator and the smaller files on Zippyshare?
This is embarrassing that I have to show how poor I am, but I am hoping that me asking you this, will also help the other “poor” users out.
I really appreciate any help that you can provide us with, to make the downloading hell a bit easier


I didn’t renew my uploaded account, but instead bought a rapidgator account using your link. I hope you’ll get your cut.


Just bought 6 months with Uploaded using your link. Hope all is well on your end.


I used your link with the email account I used for my previous purchase 6 months ago for the same. If you want I can give you the statement number in case you want to check with them


WHY not put a digital drawing on ebay and direct patrons here to purchase it – that way pay pal deal is about the drawing ‘OSTENSIBLY’- JUST a suggestion?


Hi, I just extended my uploaded subscription for 6 months. Hope you get your cut. Good luck.


So, I don’t need to buy a new account using a different email like we had to do before ? I can just click on your link and use my pre-existing account ?

Tai Ring TEH

Scorp, do I have to buy a new UPLOADED account to help you or I can just extend my current account?


I still have a week and a half on my uploaded account. Will buy another one as soon as it runs out. Hang on.


I’m sorry to hear this. My account is good through November. I’ll help out if y’all are still here.


I’m really sorry to hear this. I still have two full month with my recent account. If you’re still around than I’ll be happy to help out.


why don’t you try other methods besides
telling ppl to buy Uploaded or Rapidgator..
-e.g. bitcoin, ads, anything else

Unfortunately due to the crackdown on the many filehosts(e.g. megaupload, rapidshare etc) from a few years ago, I think many people are cautious of buying an account from a single filehost.


Is there any other way to support you? paypal donations? Patreon page for example?