Hello there friends :)

Hope allz well , just wanted to remind you guys that your financial support is imperative for the sustenance of this site.
Please do help us , buy uploaded accounts using our link.
This isnt as good as making a donation but still it means a lot.

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Is it better for you if we buy a Rapidgator or an Uploaded account? Or are they both pretty much equal in their payout?


That is terrible, scOrp! I bought Rapidgator with your link and when my Uploaded expires I will do the same. Your muxed service and small file sizes for HD movies and GOT are outstanding! I was previously a shng donator, but he up and vanished. I discovered this site from wbb. Wish we could figure a better way to help get those support dollars up for you.


got a rapidgator 6 m account . hope you got the commission ?